There is a lot of information, insights and thoughts about playing soprano saxophone here. There are no “lessons”, just information and opinions that have been forged over a long time. You’ll find information on horns, mouthpiece styles, reed choice, intonation, bores, curved and semi-curved necks, players, recordings and sometimes some real treasures that come my way. I will share them here whenever I can. So, come back once in a while. Sometimes the information might be the same but the “change” has occurred in you. It happens, thankfully and we grow.


SOUND AND SAXOPHONE REEDS:  A Little Clarity I have been planning this article for a while and just kept putting it off. Why? Because it seems like it should be simple, which it is in some respects, but is gets … Read More

Flat Table or Concave Table: Part 2

So, great discussions have arisen from the first post on this subject. It has prompted me to continue down this road a little further. To briefly summarize the general responses asserting that concavity is preferable to a flat table and … Read More

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