The Important Questions

Working long distance takes a little commitment from both of us, and I need to know as much as I can about you and your music.


Here are the questions that will help me to give you what you are seeking. Your answers are important.. Do your best.

  1. What horn (make & model) do you play?
  2. What mouthpiece (make and model) are you playing now ?
  3. What do you like about the way it plays or sounds ?
  4. What don’t you like about the way it plays or sounds ?
  5. Can you describe the sound you are seeking (do your best) ?
  6. Can you identify a player or recording that has the sound you are seeking?
  7. What reeds (brand & strength) are you using?
  8. Briefly, tell me how long you’ve played saxophone.


Your answers will help me to understand what you are experiencing and what you are seeking. That will allow me to offer some ideas for you to consider.