Missing Link in action / France

A while ago, this very fine player in France asked me to make a Missing Link for his very special Rampone & Cazzani saxello.  I know this horn well and knew that the bore was quite different from almost all other sopranos. The Italian style saxophone makers seem to prefer a larger bore, not unlike many modern German and vintage American makers. And I knew that the mouthpiece had to be balanced a certain way to allow this beautiful horn to “sing”.

When the mouthpiece is not correctly balanced, these horns will feel “stuffy” and “small” in sound, which is the exact opposite of their true nature. They are robust and elegant andddd want to speak easily and fully. I knew exactly how jean Yves’ Missing Link needed to be configured to allow that to happen, effortlessly and immediately.

Here is the result of that work, with Jean Yves Auchere playing beautifully and his R&C saxello sounding glorious.