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Two NEW soprano mouthpiece designs in 2024: The OPEN SKY SL & the SIGNATURE Model !


Playing soprano saxophone is easy when your mouthpiece is right.

You will find the most useful information about playing soprano saxophone right here. I’ve spent a long lifetime devoted to playing soprano saxophone, and I’ve learned a lot that can help you. Forget what a lot of people tell you about the soprano sax being so difficult. That is just not true, and I can prove it to you.
The very first thing to know is this: almost all of the problems faced by soprano sax players are caused by their mouthpiece. That is a fact.
At SOPRANOPLANET, you will find out how to recognize those problems and what you should do about them. It is not hard and it is not expensive. But it will make a HUGE difference in your playing and in your enjoyment. 
Say goodbye to 99% of soprano issues, almost instantly.
There are hundreds of comments from soprano players worldwide here. Take some time to read them. They will tell you all you need to know about what you can expect.

It’s true. And I guarantee it.

Soprano sax solo transcriptions available!

I’ll be offering selected transcriptions of solos by some of the great soprano players, past and present. I have a 40 year collection of them and will get them into PDF form one at a time.

To begin, nothing is better than one from Steve Lacy during his early Thelonious Monk period. Follow the link to a transcription from 1958’s REFLECTION recording. FOUR IN ONE.

Huge price drop on OPEN SKY 2: The Ferrari of soprano mouthpieces! Not a sale! $275 is the new, permanent price for arguably the finest, guaranteed soprano mouthpiece made.

Special Mouthpiece Rebalance Offer !


You’ve landed on SopranoPlanet, where every soprano saxophone mouthpiece is hand-crafted and play-tested by me, a dedicated soprano saxophonist for almost 40 years . You will find a lot of important information about all things soprano on this site: about intonation on soprano saxophone, about common issues on soprano sax, about players, about music and about a lot more.

Many people claim the soprano sax is ” a beast”, but that is just not so. Take it from a dedicated soprano player with a long career in music. I spent most of my musical life playing only the soprano saxophone. A great soprano mouthpiece makes a huge difference when it comes to playing and enjoying soprano sax. You will be amazed when it happens for you. Read what players are saying. It’s true.

And let me say this: I am dedicated to the soprano saxophone and soprano mouthpieces. That’s all I do and I know more than anybody else about soprano mouthpieces. That doesn’t mean somebody else can’t make a good soprano mouthpiece. What it DOES mean is that I can tell you with virtually 100% certainty that I can make a soprano mouthpiece that will play for you, the way you like it and that you will know it the minute you play it. I have learned all the variables, from horns to styles of players, and I can put all the parts together. Nobody else does that because nobody else has tried.  I’ll say it once more:  Read what players are saying. It’s true.

GT Titanium Alloy Soprano Sax! A “pro horn” you should know about!

New on the market and one of the best I’ve ever played. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the market for a great pro-level at a great price. From  Old Dog New Saxophones. Read more…..

The S440: our newest soprano saxophone mouthpiece !

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece


 News! SopranoPlanet joins with MARCA Reeds!

Every new SopranoPlanet soprano saxophone mouthpieces will ship with a selected Marca Superieure reed, courtesy of Marca Reeds. Once you play one, you’ll know why!

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New: Sopranoplanet You Tube Channel

We’re launching a special You Tube channel devoted to all things soprano, and that means detailed information about :   Reeds Horns Practice Mouthpieces Tone Tips Solutions for issues we all encounter Check out the introductory video.  

Soprano Transcriptions : Learn from the Best!

Here you will find a growing collection of excellent transcriptions of soprano sax solos from the masters. Working on these, along with listening to the original recordings, will give you a lot of great things to work on: articulations, phrasing, … Read More