There is a lot of information, insights and thoughts about playing soprano saxophone here. There are no “lessons”, just information and opinions that have been forged over a long time. You’ll find information on horns, mouthpiece styles, reed choice, intonation, bores, curved and semi-curved necks, players, recordings and sometimes some real treasures that come my way. I will share them here whenever I can. So, come back once in a while. Sometimes the information might be the same but the “change” has occured in you. It happens, thankfully and we grow.






A Beautiful Sound on Soprano Sax

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A Beautiful Sound on Soprano Sax The title says it all. This new series of articles is about one subject: the search for beauty on soprano sax. I’ve been a dedicated soprano saxophonist for most of my career, and that has led me on a very special path, full of … Read More


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So, here’s a picture of 5 vintage large chamber soprano mouthpieces side by side. This picture alone should tell you something right away. Each of these pieces are very good players since I cleaned up the ubiquitous table and facing issues. That said, they are so different, one to the … Read More


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It ocurred to me that I should start taking some photos of brand new soprano mouthpieces that come my way that clearly show how bad quality control is from major mouthpiece makers. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent; the innocent are the folks who shell out real … Read More

In Case You Haven’t Heard

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There is a world of fabulous and interesting soprano saxophonists, and it is always a good idea to “open your ears” to as many as you can. It’s not about “liking” or “not liking” the music; it is about considering a different sound, a different approach, a different aesthetic. It’s … Read More

Intonation on Soprano

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Many players make all kinds of claims about the supposedly “inherent” intonation issues of the soprano sax and pronounce that it is somehow much harder to master than alto, tenor or baritone. They really believe it, but it isn’t true. Why do they believe it? Because their experience with soprano … Read More

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