The Finest Vintage Soprano Mouthpieces Anywhere in the World.

The simple truth: you will find the best selection of the very best in vintage and pre-owned soprano saxophone mouthpieces right here at Sopranoplanet. I only deal in excellent playing pieces that have been checked and certified to be the real deal. There is no Ebay guess-work involved; there is no “hoping” the piece will play well. I guarantee every piece you see here. Soprano saxophone playing is highly dependent on a quality mouthpiece that is in perfect playing shape and set-up. I’ve played every one of these to make certain they are right. When I list them here, that tells you they are ready. Ask questions about them. They are each unique.Forget what you think you know about soprano mouthpieces.Unless you’ve played a good number of correctly set-up soprano pieces, you really have no idea. I know. I was in the same spot until I learned.Save a lot of frustration and start out on the path to a great soprano mouthpieces. Read what players are saying. That should tell you something.


Remember: Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you can return any mouthpiece for a full refund. That is a better path than “shot-in-the-dark” Ebay, I think.

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