METROPOLITAIN: handmade from French Ebonite

Made from premium French ebonite, this design takes warmth to another level. This is the most sensuous and elegant piece I’ve ever made or played, and that includes “slant” Links and Selmer Soloist pieces. The sound is dark, deep and lush. It has plenty of volume but it is not a paint-peeler and it will not cut it for loud situations or fusion music.But if you want elegance, warmth and a sultry, evocative sound, this is it. It is smooth and deep, plays with a nice, even, light resistance that lets you “work” the sound, like a singer might do.You have never played a piece as sensuous as this piece, I assure you. I love this mouthpiece.If it’s a “Wayne Shorter” sound you’re after, this is the piece. I make each one completely by hand now and it takes a good amount of time. But the results are really incredible.I don’t often recommend the Metropolitain to folks, primarily because many players are not really after such a unique voice on the soprano. But some players want exactly that.  There are a few players who record on ECM who have Metropolitains and they love them.