These are all unsolicited messages from players around the world. Some are well known recording artists, some are amateurs, some are students, some are worship musicians and some are very accomplished professional musicians. They all share a passion for playing the soprano saxophone.

I am very proud of these notes and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to read some of them. Each comment speaks to what I do here at SopranoPlanet: I make mouthpieces that will help any player to get the sound and response they want for their music. Not MY idea of what that should be, but “their idea” about their own music. It’s that simple. Count how many times you see words like “wow” or “amazing” or “beautiful” or “incredible”. That is the standard I set here for every piece I make.

Get on the right path now to play beautiful soprano saxophone.  A great mouthpiece is your ticket to the music you want to make. I guarantee it!

Patience is indeed a virtue. ALMA has finally arrived safe and sound. The sonic possibilities are very interesting with this piece, and the match with the Modele 22 is gloriously velvety. The first two octaves in particular are spine-tingling. This piece is just what is needed to eke out all the hidden nuances in the Modele 22 which even slightly smaller-chambered pieces mask. It ain’t bad on the Mark VI either 🙂 Great and innovative work,

Sean Jensen - United Kingdom

After 3 days with the Open Sky piece I can say I am extremely happy with it. It really opened up the sound on all registers. It really takes all the air I can give it. Like you said, I’m really blowing into it now rather than slipping the air in. Really huge, rich sound, and very responsive. I didn’t really think my Selmer gave me trouble in the low register (wasn’t in my original set of concerns), but this gives me a lot more sound there too, not to mention the highs, which were my original critical concern. And finally, I can play on it much longer without having my lower lip go numb. And it has been getting better as I get more used to it, so I’m sure I can still get more out of it in the coming weeks no doubt. Many thanks, I will be sure to recommend, and will probably send you my Selmer to rebalance.

Diego Manischevich - Chile

I received the Missing Link soprano mouthpiece that you made for me today. Of course, I tried it out immediately and after about thirty seconds, just stared at it in disbelief. I already knew that you could perform wonders after the work you did on my new Selmer mouthpiece that wasn’t working for me. But, Joe, the Missing Link performs effortlessly. I can’t believe that I am playing a soprano so easily!  Thank you so much!  You deserve all the praise that I have read about you. I am simply in awe!  Every soprano saxophone player needs to hear about you. What a talent you are!!

Skip Ragland - North Carolina

Go the MP on Saturday, thanks for the quick delivery. Got all excited and tried with a used RICO jazz 3S,had to struggle a little, tried another 3S and that was still a struggle. Then I found a box of 2Ms and that changed everything! Now I could really hear the sound of the horn. Much better resonance. Still I had hoped for a better response. So I pushed the ML in on the neck a lot farther note: Selmer Serie III ). WOW that was it! Now I could feel the power. At this point I was still using your stock ligature. I remember you saying that the FL wouldn’t fit, and you are correct, but I have the newer version also and that fits perfectly. That just made it SING. As advertised, the ML plays with a nice warm tone from top to bottom. At first I had to adjust to not blowing so hard because I’m used to using more breath to get around the registers. Its nice to be able to practice without getting wicked back spasms. You did a really nice job. Thanks allot.

C. Brian Killian - Philadelphia

First impression is awesome!!

Ron Bull - British Columbia

I’m following up to let you know that I have received the mouthpiece, and am loving it so far! It really feels like I’m playing on a whole new horn. I wanted to thank you for being so accommodating.

Richard Ramirez-Garcia - Chicago

Got the Selmer Mouthpiece today and tried it immediately. You are a magician, Joe!  You took a brand new mouthpiece from a wonderful company which would simply not play for me and turned it into one which moves effortlessly from the lowest to the highest notes. I actually can’t believe what you were able to do Talk about exceeding expectations!  If you can accomplish what you did with a mouthpiece made by someone else I can’t wait to see what you can do with one of your own creations.Thank you, Joe. I am in awe!!

Skip Ragland - North Carolina

I will always be in your debt for making such a great piece.The palm keys and to the extended range were, for a lot of years, an area that I was never happy with. The combination of the Yamaha 62 and your mouthpiece has just opened up a whole new world of soprano opportunity for me.Once again thank you so much, this the best I have ever played and man am I happy.

Bill Forrest - New Zealand

The Open Sky 2 with the 2.5 Legere was the best combo of the lot. F#3 and G3 sing out with ease, and low C1, B1 and Bb1 fit in with the tone of the notes up the scale. The sound is the best I’ve heard from the horn. I really, really like the sound. Thank you. I appreciate your skill. Thanks again for your fine work,

Ron Hutchinson - Illinois

The ML really is the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played. It’s free blowing, and I was able to hit some altissimo notes last week I’d never dreamed of hitting before. Not to mention the slurs and bent tones that Lacy painted such beautiful pictures with.

Paul Bennett - New York

I got it, it plays great! ( his Vandoren V16) I’m surprised at how much better the intonation is, I always thought sopranos were intrinsically hard to tune.  Thanks for the fine work!

Brian Taylor - Illinois

I got the Rousseau today, and couldn’t be more pleased! Plays great, more easily than my old one, but with the same basic tone and response. Most importantly, of course, is that it actually plays in tune. Even on the curved neck, I actually can relax and play, without even pushing all the way in. Fantastic work, I’ll definitely recommend you in the future. I have to say you seem to understand mouthpieces more than some of the other refacers/makers I’ve worked with. I was skeptical that changing the facing length would change the intonation, based on my own limited understanding, as well as others I’ve spoken with. But obviously it worked wonderfully. It is really too bad you don’t deal with tenor mouthpieces, I’m still on the hunt…  Thanks again,

Robert Lewis - South Carolina

Thanks for building me such a wonderful mouthpiece! I can play very, very soft on it and when I do it has a very nice dark tone. When I increase the volume the piece really “opens up” and also “brightens up” which is exactly what I wanted.

Mark Lanus - Arizona

I don’t know what you’re doing over there, but keep doing it. The mouthpiece sounds and plays beautifully.

George Dierna - New Jersey

Joe, got the mouthpiece today. One word sums it up. WOW! Bright but sweet, powerful but can easily subtone, intonation is great, same clarity on low Bb up to the altissimo, it is wonderful to play, a big thank you!  Once again, a huge thank  you!

Alan Michael - Salt Lake City

Joe Giardullo, you’re not a man of your word. You promised me the Open Sky 2 was a wonderful mouthpiece and it’s not true.
It’s the MOST AMAZING, RESPONSIVE, SWEET and POWERFUL, FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE and EASY soprano mouthpiece I ever played.

Jose Brutinel Sampol - Spain

So I’ve spent some time on the piece now, found a good reed and so on, and man it’s just so good. Big, round, warm, woody, yet still retains great forward motion and bite. It’s relateable, yet unique! Low Bb is as full as high D, and I think that’s what I love most. It has an old somewhat Steve lacy vibe, and I’m just digging it so much. And an equal part late trane, cutting, emotionality to it. It goes where I want it. So happy! I’m really looking forward to putting years on this piece. Thank you again! Keep doing what you do.

Joel Steinke - Washington

The mouthpiece arrived and I am delighted with it. Such a sweet, rich sound and so easy to play. Many, many thanks,

Steven Grainger - Australia

It’s absolutely awesome !  Meeting your mouthpieces changed my musical life.

Julien Carpentier - France

Joe I wanted to tell you I got you mouthpiece yesterday and did not put down my horn. It actually made me enjoy playing the soprano (which is the horn I struggle with most). Thank you very much.

Isaac Spaeth

I received the piece and am loving it! The difference is astounding! Great stuff. Thanks for making it for me!

Jonathan Strausberg - California

Received my Axieme mp and immediately it was fantastic with the Marca Superieure reeds.  Reading all the reviews i felt like it couldn’t be true.  The reviews were like heaven.   Now as I continue to play they are all true.  Better intonation much, much better sound (even out of a bottom line soprano).  Ease of playing is phenomenal.  My wife absolutely loves the sound.  The music minister at church could not understand what had happened.  My thought is if you are reading these reviews they are real. Joe has a gift that no one has that I have found.  We all hope he has an understudy or never passes. Thanks Joe you are very talented.



Eugene Mussat - Kansas

Got the mouthpiece! Plays great! Big improvement in tone and response coming from the S80. Having trouble putting the horn down which is always a good sign.

Henry Jessup - Virginia

The mouthpiece has arrived a few days ago. It seems to be exactly what I needed. And such a huge potential! Stretches the limits of the possible, prompts experiment, stimulates the ear, etc, etc. Bravo maestro!

Denis Dubovtsev

I have played the Metropolitain two days now.  I actually went to your website and read the description of Metropolitain again because how you describe this mouthpiece is the most accurate description I have read. It´s spot on! I have to be honest, I hesitated to buy the Metropolitain because of the price but I am so happy that I made the purchase. I have the Missing Link, Open Sky2 even the rare DIS and now Metropolitain and I can only say the same thing that I have said before, you are really the very best with soprano sax mouthpieces! Thank you! Metropolitain worked right from the box. I played it with Lupifaro 3 reed. I tested the Marcas you sent and they worked even better! No questions asked, I was home! Very comfortable to play, fits perfectly in my mouth. A pleasure to play.  Dark, deep and lush, elegant. Like the finest wine   I was so surprised that I don’t have to push in the air at all. The same amount of air at the whole register, extremely easy to play. It felt very weird at the beginning that I really don´t have to “work” so much.  It amazes me that there isn’t more “buzz” about this model in soprano forums because, for me, this is really incredible mouthpiece. I know what I want and I feel straight if something works or not and the common thing for all the mouthpiece I have purchased from you is that ALL THE MODELS have worked for me instantly! Well done, Joe, and humble thanks for making this piece for me! One question, is it really .054 tip? Link 5*? So small? It says so on the box. Joe, take good care and thank you for this piece! It will be hard to choose my main piece for soprano but one thing is sure, my main piece comes from Sopranoplanet!

Petri Kivimaki - Sweden

I received the mouthpiece yesterday and had a chance to play it last night. Overall, I’m floored. It matches my Keilwerth beautifully. I could have searched for years without finding its like. Even my wife had to stop in the middle of her evening routine, something she never does, to comment on the beautiful tone. As I said before, it is still far more subtle than anything I’ve played before and requires greater precision, but it gives so much more in return.  The piece you sent can play whisper soft almost effortlessly, but still has significant presence when called for. It is everything I was looking for and more.

Jackson Greenberg - Illinois

I brought my soprano with me on my trip so I could try the mouthpiece. You did an amazing job. This is definitely the best soprano mouthpiece I have ever played. I just played it with some recordings now and it plays perfectly in tune and every note on the horn pops out easily. You balanced it so well, that I can now get much more volume of sound out of this mouthpiece and I can shape the sound how I like on every note. I can finally play the soprano with the same confidence as I play the tenor and alto. I will definitely enjoy playing more soprano on gigs now. Thank you so much for your amazing skill.

Mark White - Florida

Hi Joe, Well…. I’m speechless. The mouthpiece really sings and it has the sound I like, the articulation remains excellent even with the changes you made on the lay and the baffle. The piece does everything I want, so this is a real tool for a musician. It is very sensitive to reed and ligature (in a good way), so the variations on sound are endless, but it always keeps the easy response from top to bottom. I like your approach, we are part of the realization and you give what you promise.

Alain Vandal - Montreal

Joe, dear brother of the brother- and sisterhood of the straight horn. How do I find the words to say thank you to you for the great work you have done and the change in my life this virtually does mean (though it may sound kind of pathetic, but it is true all the same)? On Saturday your mouthpiece finally completed its long journey, the box being completely soaked (it had been raining for days) as if it had been laying in the ocean – like a baptism. Stupid me – I was never good at physics! – I put it to my horn in the same manner as I had done before and was thoroughly shocked because the intonation went completely wild.
But now I’ve LEARNED and had the most awesome play today! It’s really like if you have always been riding one of those old worn-out horses all the beginners get and then suddenly you are allowed to go on a real stallion (or on an unspoiled horse, that’s to say). Or, if your more familiar with cars, like driving an old GDR-Trabant and then getting a Maserati: What a big difference and how absolutely hilarious! Joe, you really do have blessed hands – it does make all the difference! There is poetry now in my place whenever I touch my horn – and still a long way to go: Never getting boring, but an excellent starting point for my musical journey! All the best to you – keep up the good work! THANK YOU!!!

Dagmar Petrick - Germany

I Wanted to drop you a quick note.  Your mouthpiece is a gem, a work of art really. I will say simply that your description of this piece on your website could not be more perfect. That is exactly what I received. Very free blowing, unbelievably responsive, rich. I can say without doubt that this piece will open a world of musical possibilities for me. With sincere appreciation and best regards,

Chris Moffatt - West Virginia

My rebalanced Dukoff mouthpiece arrived today, and it looks real great. The superior finish quality let my mechanical engineer’s heart jump in joy. Then I started to play, oh what a difference! Great sound, great response and the whole range of the horn is now in reach. I’m very happy that I used your help and service. [ But now I have to un-learn all my workarounds… ) ].Thank you again,

Manfred Koethe - California

Steps ahead of any soprano mouthpiece I’ve played to date. The sound is full and powerful when pushed, easy to play on the bottom. Thanks Joe, you have brought out the sound I have been chasing for years

Jim Ritter - Kansas

You have made the soprano as effortless to play as I could have dreamed. I have just spent about a half hour with the piece this morning. It speaks and plays so fluidly. You nailed the balance between stability and flexibility, it plays beautifully in tune on my 1927 Conn. There is also a great balance between the natural fatness of the Conn and a clarity of sound that I didn’t think was achievable. The balance of being free blowing but still having the right amount of resistance to control and shape the notes is more than I could have hoped for.

Chel Illingworth - New Hampshire

Yes!! It plays awesome and beautiful. i love It. I can push hard or play mellow, its fantastic from bottom to the top.

Samuel Rodrigues Moreno - Spain

(The Missing Link)  came in today…been playin all day! Love the sound…tryin to find the tuning still with my trutone…but i like it a lot! Thanks Joe!

Charis Ioannou - Cyprus

I received the Missing Link last night.  I played it a bit with Rico Jazz Select 3M like you suggested, and it played very nicely from the bottom to the top with much thicker sound than I could ever play.  Also, I was so surprised that I could play my horn in tune all around so easily.  It was so fun to play and I had a hard time putting my horn down. If I was shopping for a mouthpiece on my own, I would never even have tried one with .065 openings. More than likely I would have thought about .055.  I guess what you said in your article “Forget about tip openings” is true and the missing link you made me changed my idea about the tip openings
Thank you from one happy soprano player in Tokyo.

Hitoshi Watanabe - Tokyo

The mouthpiece is great!  Just like my tenor piece it plays so effortlessly and sounds great! Thanks for your attention to detail.

Matt Thiessen - Kansas

I have already tried the 3 mouthpieces, and I LOVE THEM! Now the Missing Link is perfect, just what I want, and the rebalancing of the other two has surpassed my expectations… I’m enjoying them a lot. Thanks for the great work! I will recommend it to colleagues.

Vincent Gasso Tortajada - Spain

The mouthpiece is much improved.  It still felt a little “off” the first couple of times I played it.  Then one day, I thought I was playing my friend’s unmarked “mystery” piece that I like and I was SO happy with it.  I had been playing it for a couple of hours and it was just singing.  I was wondering – I better play the Missing Link again and try to analyze the issues I have with it and write to Joe.  BOOM! I looked and, lo and behold, I had been playing yours all afternoon!  I love it.   Thanks for doing a great job.

Bob Jones - USA

So, I took the Bari with the 992 on a gig last Wednesday night and it was just great thanks.  It played consistently from top to bottom and has a lovely tone especially in the low register. But the important result for me was that I was able to focus solely on my tone and my music! Yipee. Anyway Joe, I am one satisfied customer,

Bob Marsh - United Kingdom

I got the mouthpiece yesterday, and had a chance to give it a good run this afternoon. It is amazing, thanks! The tone is fat and complex, lots of volume, very easy blowing. I had a great time with a 3S Rico reed as well. I still have to break it on the higher register, it will come easier with the time. I felt it flexible enough to get a very personal tone. Well, I’m amazed. Thanks!

Eduardo Ayrosa - Rio De Janiero

The pieces arrived here safely already a while ago.I enjoy them both a lot! very easy blowing over the whole register. thank you very much for this excellent work! I did wait quite a while to get more familiar with the OPEN SKY before i wrote you any opinion:its responsiveness has impressed me a lot. Very versatile. definitely best piece I ever had.

Thomas Roehrer - Australia

Received Mouthpiece , I played it for about 1/2 an hour before work this morning. Will play it more on lunch break and after school. I was worried it would be too dark , But I love it  Wish I got it years ago. Really changes the sound . I feel faster too. Thanks for the craftsmanship

Claude Zobell - California

 Joe!!!!! You are a true legend. 110% love the OS.It really is a great piece Joe. You are a master. so glad to have this to play. happy happy happy!!! thanks again, thanks again, thanks again, mate!!!

Craig James - Australia

Joe , the Sugal (Super Dave Liebman) mouthpiece came back today. I gave it a work out and to my amazement it played in tune an with ease. Thanks for your quick turnaround it’s a pleasure to make music again.

Allen Otis - Andover, MA

I am delighted with the Missing Link, all intonation problems have been resolved, the sound is very different from my link 5 star, can describe it as warmer, fuller sound.

Bill Sneddon - United Kingdom

I got my mouthpiece this evening. Thank you for the fabulous work. I can tell the difference as I blew it for the first few seconds. It indeed intends to have a Dukoff’s sound, which is also the Mr. G type sound. I am using a Hemke 2 and I can make a similar sound like the Kenny G’s earlier stage live sound. As far as the low notes, I can tell the difference: the low C feels more powerful and solid than before. I only played it for around one hour today and I think I need to spend weeks to fully explore it.

Siyuan Ma - Texas

The intonation is perfect, homogeneity through the range of the instrument is astonishing. Tone quality is extraordinary, and I think I can get much more practising ! In a word, a true invitation to play. I think my serie III has never sounded so good.

Emmanuel Serrato Toulouse - France

I received the mouthpiece on Thursday. I can’t believe how good it is. Low notes speak easily and the intonation is amazing. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with it. Thank you for a great experience and a high quality mouthpiece.

Marty Heger - Michigan

 Joe-I have done a bit of blowing and am very impressed so far: the finish of the piece is beyond reproach, and the intonation on my 62R and responsiveness could not be bettered.  Tone on the soprano is a work in progress for me, and although I am not there yet, I feel that I have a fighting chance of getting there with the Open Sky – certainly my sound is now closer to where I would like it to be than it has been with any other mouthpiece – and much closer than with any other mouthpiece that has played even reasonably in tune easily for me!  I will be playing my Sop with my big band for the first time tonight- and feeling pretty confident that even it the trumpets exhibit their usual degree of sensitivity and  attention to dynamics I will be able to make myself heard. Thanks again.  Keep up the good work.

Paul Howard - London

Thank you so much for making and sending the 868 Special for me.  It has arrived here safe and sound and I do enjoy playing my soprano sax now!!!  Your mouthpiece is great.  Because in order to experiment many things, the mouth piece become absolutely no obstacles, it had allowed me to play just comfortably. As I’ve played for awhile, it’s becoming a part of myself already and getting better & better everyday to be able to control it more nicely and as desired.  I understand now what people mean about your mouthpiece by free blowing and being able to play from the bottom up to the top register “effortlessly”, and I also feel the similar vibes I could feel with my Selmer Modele 26 “Alto”, as I wanted. But to tell you the truth about how I feel inside of myself, every time I play it, I do feel like “I WANT TO PLAY WHOLE DAY!”, Really! which I’ve never felt this much with my Alto or Tenor.  I normally get exhausted playing long time.  It definitely shows that your mouthpiece is making me feel that way, Joe.  I am feeling it on my guts and this very good feeling is the indication of the superiority of your mouthpiece.   I’ve tried a couple of Hemke reeds and Hemke is the one for me!  The best combination.  It responds very quickly and I love the tone especially the lower register.  Yep, it is Dark.  Absolutely

Rocky Tanaka - Japan

Excellent job! It plays super smoothly! I am very pleased with it! Thank you! 

Americo Fernandez - California

I received and tested the Missing Link today. It was over my thought. So great!! Responses are even and quick in all ranges. Well balanced tone. Nice feeling to manage intonation.
I have never been able to play soprano like this. I tried some combinations of ligatures and reeds. But your recommendation was the best! Thank you so much.
 Let me recommend Soprano Planet strongly when I talk to close saxophonists.

Shota Katsube - Japan

The mouthpieces arrived 2 weeks ago but I didn’t have time to reply yet.  I just want to let you know that your Sopranoplanet mpc is still the best of all soprano mpc!!!  Very easy to blow and give a great mellow lovely sound!  And your newest piece (S440) , oh man…..I am using it as my main mpc now!  Thanks again so much.

Tanaphon Manavutiveth - Thailand

I just played it for 30 minutes (I have to go to work now). It’s even better than I expected. It plays the high notes better than I’ve ever experienced on soprano. The whole range is beautiful. Very consistent from high to low notes. It plays very warm and I get plenty of volume with it also. I plan on doing some recording soon. I will send you videos when I do. I hadn’t planned on recording soprano, but now I want to with this mouthpiece  Thanks for making this amazing mouthpiece.

Mark White - Florida

Holy smokes!  I may not suck nearly as badly on this horn as I thought! Thank YOU!!!!

Thom Keith - New Hampshire

Dear Joe, the mouthpiece arrived last Friday afternoon. I’ve been playing it nonstop and It’s fantastic. You met all my requests in terms of the sound I was looking for. It was a pleasure to deal with you Joe.

Jorse Felipe De Silva Pereira - Barcelona


After almost 50 years playing soprano sax, I thought that I was getting the best possible results from my horn with the mouthpieces that I had been using – until I recently tried a couple of models from Sopranoplanet! Joe suggested the Open Sky 2 and the Metropolitan to me. Both of these mouthpieces worked for me instantly and gave me a wonderfully even response over the whole instrument. I found the Metropolitain great for more intimate duo work whilst the Open Sky 2 gave me all the punch I needed for larger ensembles. Highly recommended!

John Surman, ECM recording artist - Oslo

Just got the Link you refaced for me, blew a few notes on my silver conn and – WOW!! Great response, no stuffiness and the high range of the horn, palm keys and altissimo, have come alive – not an easy task with the openness of the Conn. Thank you so very much and I certainly won’t look anyplace else in the future for my soprano mouthpiece needs

Fred Baker - New Zealand

Just a line or 2 to let you know my initial thoughts on the metropolitan, My first thought was how much easier it was for me to play through all registers, particularly  the bottom end, which I always had a struggle with, the next thing was a real sense of a much fuller sound, I’m much more aware of the overtone make up of the notes, if this makes sense to you, I now feel that I’ve got something that is going to help me develop a decent sound at last. I’ve limited myself to playing mostly long tone and  closed tube exercises, having not played a great deal of soprano in recent times I really feel the need to reintroduce myself to the instrument,  Anyhow Joe I’m very happy with the mouthpiece,

Lewis Watson - United Kingdom

Received my mouthpiece today!  It plays GREAT!!!.  The #3 Marca reed you sent me works well and my # 2.75 Legere Signature also works well.  The highs and lows pop right out.  I also like the tone I’m getting.  Thanks for all your hard work.

Rod Pavlisin - California

I just wanted to let you know that I received the mouthpiece and it is incredible. It makes the soprano feel like a tenor! I have really never played a soprano mouthpiece like this before, you have a special talent!

Josh - Georgia

I really look forward to playing my soprano now, and for a long time that hadn’t been the case.Thanks once again for being so helpful and attentive throughout this whole process.

Aaron Jakes - San Francisco

I just gotta say its great. Just as you described .Very, very nice indeed. It was worth the wait  (USPS Scenic Route) I’m very happy with the piece! It’s killer!

Greg Albright - California

My Yamaha 62 has gone from being an occasionally stubborn donkey to a nicely responsive filly. I am very happy with the sound I’m getting and people have noticed and commented. Thanks again for your wonderful work and knowledgeable approach. I couldn’t ask for more.

Mitchell Clarke

The adjustments you made are perfect . I am now able to pop out all the top end notes without shutting down. It’s great. Thanks for knowing what questions to ask and what adjustments to make. I am very pleased with the sound and playability of my Missing Link. I appreciate your craftsmanship, Joe .If you ever decide to design an similar Alto mouthpiece, please let me know. I’ll be sure to refer others to SopranoPlanet. Thanks again.

Gary Kavalar - Wisconsin

The mouthpiece arrived today.  As soon as I came home from work (my paying job!), I put in on the horn. It plays very nicely, very warm and responsive.  It is very adaptable and allows me to change the color of the sound very easily.  An hour and 45 minutes later, I need to give my chops a rest.  Thanks very much for the work you have done.  You are an artist!

Sam Sharp - Fort Worth, Texas

Well, I’ve had the Missing Link for about 48 hours now and I’ve played it a lot.  I’ve put it through its paces.   And I want you to know:   I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, but I just can’t … find anything wrong with it!!!  This mouthpiece is incredible.  Makes my Mark VI sing.  Beautiful, warm, rich sound, with versatility up and down the instrument.  No distortion if I push things in the upper register, yet I can whisper the lowest notes with my normally very loose embouchure very easily.  And perfect intonation up and down the instrument.  The mouthpiece is a winner.  THANK YOU for your advice and for a great addition to my lineup.

Fred Cavese - Florida

Holy Mother of God. This is perfect.  Seriously, I’m really (immediately—right out of the box) enjoying this. I’m shocked that such ease of play can produce tone with such gravitas.  The ligature is very good, too! Hats off to you, sir!

Bob Yourell - California

The piece makes me want to play and play. Every contact I have had with Soprano Planet has been professional, and the products are excellent. I now have three pieces worked or made by you. All are really good, but S440 has real character. It is a wonderful mouthpiece, great sound. I am very pleased with the first two hours with it. It is my best piece!

Andy Geiger - Port Angeles, Washington

Just to let you know I got my piece just this morning… I do not know what say…it is amazing…
Really is…Just this morning I was playing “when I fall in love” and it demands some expression to be even nicer. I was having hard time to get some vibrato, mellow tones, moving from one note to another with some dynamics changes, but now all the pain is  just gone. =) I was reading a post in your website about a guy that said, “beginners,  do not wait until you get frustrate to get a new piece”, and that is true. I was waiting thinking that my playing was the problem, no it is not, of course I have   much to learn, but I know now that a big part of the issues were coming from the mouthpiece.

Marcelo Bernardelli - Missouri

Your mouthpiece arrived today. I had a chance to blow quite a few phrases before theatre time, and now I’m ready for its first gig. It’s utterly amazing! Big, rich, warm and clear sound just the way I like it, a perfect amount of resistance for me, and, just as promised, an unprecedented intonation. Wow! This is my piece from today on. I’ll have to change my cork for a thicker one and my ligature for a smaller one , but yeah. I’m very happy!

Borge-Are Halvorsen - Oslo

I absolutely, absolutely love the piece. I received it today, and tried it with the Alexander Superial 2.5s like you said. This is a setup that I see myself growing into for a long time indeed. Once again, thank you for your help and wonderful workmanship.

Silas Lee - Oregon

Wednesday was an organ trio gig and I ended playing the soprano only sporadically. But last night I took only the soprano and had a blast!  After playing one mouthpiece for almost fifteen years the Metropolitain required a few small adjustments, but frankly I haven’t practiced or enjoyed practicing the soprano this much in a long time. The sound is full, rich and robust! It’s already the finest piece I own. Thanks so much.

Marshall Keys - Washington DC

I got the OS2 today. As expected, it is fantastic. Especially after finding the right reed brand and strength, it is giving me what I asked for, which is quicker response and more pitch flexibility, plus a little more volume. I’m looking forward to learning more of its capabilities!

Robert Lewis- Dir. of Jazz Studies - Charleston, SC

The Caravan MP you corrected for me arrived yesterday evening. I’ve been playing it this morning and have been reluctant to put it down long enough to write. The difference is absolutely uncanny! You assured me it would play beautifully, and it does exactly that. All my problems with voice and resistance and uniformity have vanished. Many many thanks! I’ll be singing your praises to as many others as will listen.

Bob Golightly - Washington

 I received it. To say it short : WOW ! That mouthpiece is now alive, easy blowing, full and even sound even on ppp (that is something), great articulation. I cannot be more happy. You do make wonders.


Philippe Lafrance - Nantes, France

I just received the mouthpiece and it plays beautifully, extremely sensitive dynamic control, dark harmonic center with precise intonation. I’ve been playing for a few hours now and I would add that it really makes the palm keys sing! In particular the high Eb now has a beautiful roundness and weight effortlessly. This is an incredible mouthpiece! The design of the ligature offers really fine adjustment and supports the reed evenly. Thanks again!


Tyler Wilcox - New York

Yeah, now the piece is here ! My first impression: it plays very, very good, much louder then my old 12* but i can also  play very quietly, it is very balanced over all registers, harmonics and altissimo is very easy … In the evening I play it in a little concert ,you’ll hear later from me…………..YES! The mouthpiece is really great. The concert was fine. Big thanks!

Micha Breitenbach - Liepzig, Germany

Hi Joe! The mouthpieces arrived yesterday and they play great!  I was even able to pop out some altissimo on the Rascher.

Rick Hogg - Pennsylvania

I look forward to spending time with this piece. It’s a very nice contrast to the Riffault. I think it’s got what I want for the electric setting that I often play in, while not sacrificing good tone quality. I like it more the more I play it! A lot of power and guts. The best test: It makes me smile, and I want to play it more!

David Lee - Memphis

Got the piece in the mail yesterday. Played on it for 20 minutes then decided to use it on the gig last night . My first reaction was ‘wow’. I seem to find myself taking in less of the mouthpiece and playing more towards the tip. Will be checking what I can do with it the coming days but I’m already very happy.

Otoo Kokke - The Netherlands

  It’s a wonderful piece, very even over the entire horn, high notes speak easily and without any difference in either effort or tonal quality from the rest of the horn, nice big fat bottom end. The tip opening is very comfortable and I’m quite comfortable on it physically, pitch is great, no issues whatsoever, nothing to it, insert in face and enjoy!


Dusty Cox - Australia

It arrived this morning, and, with consideration for my neighbours, I have as yet only given it a 5 minute test, which was enough to completely blow me away. It responds to thinking of playing a note and has the most beautiful sound I have ever heard myself produce.

Mathias Brust - United Kingdom

You nailed it. It’s a totally different animal and now a joy. Thank you so much for all the extra work and talking me into staying with it.

Chris Cole - Massachusetts

So !… I received the Missing Link 2 days ago.I didn’t really know what to expect, especially during a 1 month wait.  I tried to keep an open mind, and thought that I would consider myself happy if I received a good, powerful and easy to play mouthpiece. Now that I’ve been playing it for a few hours, all I have to say is wow, great job my friend. You nailed it, just like you said you would. And the sound is beautiful. It’s just great. So fun to handle that even playing music seems easier, and that’s really something amazing to experience. People often say that we shouldn’t buy any sax gear without testing it first.I agree in most cases, but in this one it’s not true, so I’m really glad I put my confidence into your expertise. I’ve been reading the comments on your site, so I guess it has become pretty usual for you to witness your customers often realizing your pieces are awesome, but as it’s the first time for me, thank you so much!

Auriel Fuentes - France

Hey Joe! I absolutely love my signature mouthpiece!!! It plays and sounds so great, I can’t stop playing it. I even forgot for. a moment I was playing soprano the other day at a gig thank you!

Keith Pray - New York

I just wanted to drop you a line now that I have had the piece back for a few weeks and really dug into it. You really elevated this piece beyond what I thought was possible. All the best parts of the sound and feel remain intact and the issues I outlined in our previous correspondence have been rectified. I can’t thank you enough for your exceptional work.

Sean McCarthy - Ontario, Canada

I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived today.  As soon as I brought it inside, I couldn’t wait to take a look at the mouthpiece and play it.  Well, it plays even better than I could of ever imagined!  I never tried a Marca reed before, but I am really glad that you gave me one to try.  Thank you, I will play these reeds going forward.   I As it were, I had such a fun time that I didn’t want to put the soprano down.  It has been several weeks since I last played, so I am especially grateful for the wonderful setup that you provided me which has already made playing more gratifying and enjoyable.

Joe Whitney - Maryland

Joe, what can I say? The piece is incredible. Spot on intonation. Ease through the range of the horn. And the palm keys pop out effortlessly. And I am amazed that the .065 projects as it does. Thanks so much for all your assistance.  I mean, every soprano player should have one of these!

Jon Lee - Rhode Island

I received my Via Coro in the mail Saturday afternoon. I played it Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and I’ll play it today. The more I play it the better it sounds and the more I like it. It’s good to know what the high F# sounds like on my Eastman. I think this setup is going to work perfectly for me. The only problem I have now is that I want to play all the time and don’t get anything else done. Thanks again for a great mouthpiece and for taking the time to work with me.

Tony Rhyne - Virginia

I wanted to let you know that yesterday was able finally to play the mouthpiece (looks beautiful) for a few minutes.  The first thing i notice right away in the 10’ or so that i was able to play is that I could play pp and still get an even and resonant tone! Wow.  I’m really looking forward to spend more time playing, I feel that I get a new instrument.


Ivan Barenboim - New York

Just a note to tell you that I received the tenor pieces at the end of day yesterday. I had a chance to play them for a couple of hours this morning. You did a truly excellent job with both! The Buffet Crampon in particular is superb! I had a sense that this piece had a little something special. And you revealed it. The piece retains its character but is much more responsive now. The sound is breathy and earthy , with just enough resistance to let me shape the sound. Also, the tone is even between the registers – something I have been struggling with for some time – and the intonation is very good. This is the piece that I have been searching for years… and it was sitting in my drawer. Thanks again for your outstanding work. 

Daniel Charron - Quebec

I just started exploring the possibilities of this beautiful Metropolitain. Thanks for the fantastic mouthpiece.

Alan Hilario - Germany

The mouthpiece is everything you promised. It matches perfectly the Yani.  I was amazed how well the high range speaks so freely and clear. I tried it with the reeds I usually use V16 and Hemke. Hemke worked fine, but the Marca reed you sent is awesome. I will buy a couple more.Thanks for the great job with the mouthpiece. Congratulations for all the great information in the website that you kindly share with all of us playing the soprano.

Jose Pessoa - Portugal

It’s just arrived.  I am lost for words.  It is fantastic. It’s easy blowing and the tone is perfect.  It’s quite big, solid and warm. I never believed I would ever play Sentimental Mood on a soprano, but I just did. The reed is perfect and the ligature is neat and unobtrusive.  I am very very happy.

Patrick O’Hare - France


The piece arrived today, I tried it this evening,   Yesssss !!


Jean Benoit Jarnac - France

I just wanted to let you know that I love the mouthpiece!  Absolutely what I was looking for.  Again, thank you so much for the great piece.

William Silvio- BERKLEE faculty - Boston

You are a genius!  The mouthpiece is pure silk – I love it!

Joe Loyzaga - Australia

WOW! It is incredible. Warmer than the other Riffault that you did, but it also has some other things happening with tonal colors. The Marca 3s work well with both pieces, however I feel like on the most recent I could use a 3.5.  So now I have 2 incredible soprano pieces, and I’m feeling more comfortable on Soprano than I ever have. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Fred Jackson, Jr. - California

Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces at SopranoPlanet
First of all I would like to say MANY MANY THANKS FOR THIS MASTER(MOUTH)PIECES!!! They are so amazing! Needless to say that I’m happy! What a feeling to play them!!! Unbelievable! Joe, you are real Magician! Only positive emotions. Never expected that playing soprano might be so easy. Thank you very much!
(Note: 3 mouthpieces: Missing Link, Open Sky 2 and S440 )

Vadim - Moscow

Wow Joe! I am impressed! I love this mouthpiece. It has eliminated several problems that I didn’t seem able to get past. Now I can concentrate on my sound and not have to worry about whether or not the notes will even come out of the horn. It’s great from top to bottom. Thanks so much!

Bill Holmstrom - New York

Joe, the mouthpiece came today. You absolutely improved it. Great work. Thanks so much.

John Racina - Texas

  I received the mouthpiece on Friday and was able to put in about 2 hours with it. I had on hand 5 different manufacturers of reeds in the 2 ½ range. They all played well, with the Hemke and Rico Grand concert being the best. Hemke was #1 with the Rico a very close #2 followed in #3 was a Vandoren Java with a dark tone. This is the first time I was able to hit a concert high F without straining. Low notes were very easy, and I am able to play softly. That never happened before. Best soprano mouthpiece I have ever played. I believe it will only get better as I become adapted to the piece. I am completely satisfied with it. Thank you very much.

Merwin Dooley - Washington

It is without doubt the most free blowing and subtle mouthpiece I have ever used on this sax. I put my bell mic on and listened through headphones to what was coming out and was really impressed. I can blow just a little and get that whisper like sax sound (more like an alto or tenor). I’ve never known this level of subtlety from my soprano.  The lowest notes are as simple as the mid body notes and the upper register notes come easily as well.  All in all a completely satisfying acquisition. All the hype around your handmade pieces was justified. It really had to be so as you focus solely on these wonderful quirky saxophones and know them very well. Thanks very much.

Michael Gerber - North Carolina

OS2 just arrived. Thank you so much! At first blow, it gives me exactly what I asked for: a woody, tarogato-like tone with sweet low notes and assertive palm key notes, & enough resistance so I can shape the sound. And good golly Miss Molly, what dynamic range — from a whisper to a paint-peeling roar. Amazing volume. This mouthpiece wants to come out and play! Looking forward to bonding with my horn again. You really are as good as they say.

Lev Liberman - Oregon

The mouthpiece arrived yesterday, and I spent the morning trying it out. I am very happy and impressed with the improvements you have made. It blows with much less resistance, has greater stability over its range, and is well-balanced. Great job. I also tried the Marca 2 reed, and I think it’s a winner as well.

Robert Belas - Maryland

After about a week of playing the modified S25, I just wanted to let you know that I really like the piece now. The characteristic sound hasn’t changed much, but the responsiveness has improved drastically. And especially in the low register I now have all the colors available I wanted. Doing business with you was a very positive experience. Many thanks,

Markus Wabro - Germany

Wow!!! I got the mouthpiece first thing this morning – what a revelation!! It’s fantastic – everything you said it would be, and probably more.  Many thanks, Joe.

Matthew Cartmell - Scotland

I got the mouthpiece on Monday. It’s really great, Joe. So even across the range. I am really enjoying the big, colorful sound I get from it. And so comfortable to play. Thank you very much!

Paul Harper - Minnesota

Thank You so much for the fast and wonderful work you have performed on the AXIEME piece!.Intonation is great and the sound is extremely even through the range of my horn……that sound……the SOUND I have been looking for! Smiling now! Thanks Again!

Joe Morris - Los Angeles

Having so much fun with this mouthpiece. Oddly enough the 2.5 kept closing up – threw a 3 on there and the whole experience was different. Tension, pressure in the throat – gone. Sound, well, it was kind of like speaking and hearing your own voice. Big thanks!

Preston Logan - Maryland

got the mouthpiece this weekend. Blows great, everything I was hoping for. Much fuller than my Bari, more open than my Link. Thanks again.

Douglas McBain - United Kingdom

I thought that you might like a bit more unsolicited feedback on the Open Sky 2 that you made for me. I have been preparing for the orchestral and string quartet gigs with many long notes and tuning exercises.  I am finding that the mouthpiece has a lovely even tone from top to bottom and that my tuning is steadily improving. This is an interesting outcome for someone who has been playing saxophone for over 30 years! My tuning has always been really good and now it’s better. My challenge in playing with the classical guys has been to ensure that each note is produced immediately on pitch, which is something that we don’t necessarily have to do in jazz as we search for our own version of each tune and note. I have really enjoyed playing with the string quartet and the richness I get from the OS2 enables me to fit in nicely. The singer I work and write with has made special mention of the difference in my sound and the appropriateness it has for the settings within which we are performing. As he is a serious opera singer, this is high praise indeed! And on 14 April, I perform in Chengdu, China with full Symphony Orchestra, which presents additional challenges as I simultaneously need to play in a “classical” style whilst being required to improvise. The good thing is that I will be doing this with my own compositions, so familiarity with repertoire will help. I also have two jazz gigs in China and love the fact that given the nature of the OS2, I don’t even need to consider the possibility of using different mouthpieces for different styles. This suits my personal philosophy of mouthpiece use as I reckon we have a sound and that it should suffice in all settings – within reason of course! Last Friday night, for the first time ever in my career, I performed 3 sets exclusively on soprano at a jazz gig. It was a lot of fun and very liberating to not have to swap between tenor and soprano. What’s interesting is that my sound is rich and creamy, whilst at the same time having great projection.

Stephen O’Connell - Australia

 Thank you very very much for this great, little mouthpiece. This will help me a lot with my re-start on the soprano sax. The Borgani sounds wonderful with your mpc and the intonation is so easy to control.  I don’t want to  stop playing….

Jorg Zimmer - Germany

The mouthpiece is wonderful! I can see and experience the harmony that the piece exudes from your craftsmanship. It’s an important piece of jewelry for my horn I had a chance to play on it for about an hour last night against a pitch meter as well. Every note is right in the center. I’ve never seen that before. It is very free blowing from top to bottom. The mouthpiece is alive with vibrations and harmonics which extend into the horn. The piece is responsive and articulate. The tip opening is perfect for my chops and the piece Balances perfectly with all your elements and my super action 80. It is everything a Dukoff should be. This Dukoff is a piece that I will be able to grow into and enjoy. Thank you for working with me and putting all of your skill and patience in time into a wonderful work for me. Sentimentally speaking from a true soprano sax player, you are now part of my heartfelt expression through my horn. Thank you Joe.

Jonathan Dweck - California

  I got the Missing Link you made for me today and it is incredible!  In 30 years of saxophone playing, this is the first mouthpiece (on any horn – let alone soprano) that did everything I wanted it to do right out of the box!  The response was immediate from low Bb to altissimo Bb.  The intonation is spot-on and the sound is warm, round and lush.  For the first time I believe that I can do the soprano justice! Thank you so much.

Tim Donlin - Binghampton, NY

The combination of the piece and the Hemke reeds – WOW!! Now I need to practice…thanks so much!

Phil Godfrin - Texas

A month or so ago I sent you two completely unplayable mouthpieces – one appeared to be unfinished and the other modified to an unusable extent. I was surprised, honestly, when you said they could both be saved. I was so happy to know that, if nothing else, these two pieces could be made useful. I received them last night and was shocked to play them – they are exceptional in every respect. The tone is consistent throughout the range, the pitch is great, the altissimo is fantastic, and the articulation is easy. I would have been thrilled just to have them working – I thought, given where they started, that would have been miracle enough. Even having played your work for years I am speechless at the transformation of these pieces.Thank you, thank you, thank you … P.S. – Truly, I wasn’t looking for a new go-to mouthpiece … but, I now have one and two outstanding back-ups. The previously “strangely-opened piece” is a dream come true. The formerly “unfinished piece” is excellent in every way as well, very similar to its new twin, and the Red Buescher continues to be among my favorite possessions for both playability and general coolness. My upmost respect and gratitude – you are an absolute wizard.

Jacob Swanson - New York

 I got the mouthpiece yesterday. It is fabulous. I can produce a tone as pretty as on the Selmer Concept, but it is so much more flexible and easy (!) to play. The first reed I tried worked perfectly. I was little worried I was going to have to give up on this Noblet soprano, but your OS2 just opened it up and made it play in tune! For the first time, I feel like I can develop a tone on par with my alto and tenor playing. Thank you so much for your recommendation and of course your craftsmanship. I’ll leave a glowing review on SOTW. I think other amateurs might be willing to stick out the soprano if they could have a mpc like this.

Lisa Roy - Atlanta

You nailed it! The balance is right: still enough resistance to enable total control over the piece, but not so much that you can’t blow through it. Before, I felt like the resistance was so much that there was no “sustain” to the sound. It was like trying to keep a heavy door from closing on you. Now I can maintain the tone at lower volumes.  Still has the beautiful dark tone quality. Wow, this might just end up being my go-to combo piece! Not bad for about $105 in total! Thanks a mil,

Jeff Todd - Fort Worth

You’ve nailed it again! I have the best sop mouthpiece combo that I could ask for. The Missing Link still  gives me the most beautiful sound I’ve ever got on a soprano piece when I have to play more intimate stuff and the new Open Sky 2 just lets me play anything I want without losing that glowing singing quality that the ML has. Very fast and defined and loud enough  when needed too.

Juan Manuel Alfaro Ayarza - Florida

YOU’RE A GENIUS JOE!!!!!  I can’t thank you enough for this outstanding mouthpiece! This mouthpiece is certainly appropriately named. Again I am so excited to play my Soprano Saxophone again. I feel like I can pop out a few altissimo notes, which is something I’ve done only a few times many years ago.



Brooks Giles - Kentucky

  I LOVE this mouthpiece! You were spot on regarding recommending it to me. The sound is big, dark and has excellent presence! I love your Open Sky 2, but I immediately noticed the difference between them and, for me, this is THE soprano sound! Really! it’s absolutely gorgeous! I threw on a Roberto’s 3 Hard reed and it was instantly an unparalleled soprano sound. Perfect. Thank you so much! I wish you made alto mouthpieces!

Jeffrey Snow - California

I am a sax player in college who formerly used a Yamaha 4C (.49) mouthpiece.  The moment I played the ML (.58) the notes seemed to effortlessly jump out of the horn with a fuller sound that is easier to play in tune.  The switch to the recommended Marca #3 reeds, has also been positive.  Now that the mouthpiece is installed on my newly arrived Cannonball soprano, I look forward to playing daily where I once dreaded taking my old sop out of the case.

Ben Miller - California

I received the mouthpiece on the weekend and played it for several hours the last days. Like you promised it gives me a round, warm and resonant tone. The response is great, much better than my old mouthpiece. It also helps me not to sound thin on the high notes. The response of the low notes is also great.  Thank you for making me a great mouthpiece I really enjoy playing on it.

Marcus Ritter - Germany

I’ve spent a few days with the Missing Link now, and it does exactly what you said it would. It’s quite easy to play over the entire range, and tuning is far, far easier. And, as you predicted, it works perfectly with Hemke 2 1/2 reeds. Thanks for making me such a great mouthpiece ,Joe!

Paul Newman - Toronto

Had around half an hour to sneak off and play after work. WOW. It feels like I’m playing a totally different instrument the whole horn just lit up and it felt even from top to bottom. It’s gonna take some time to adjust, but prelimary report: you knocked it out of the park. Thanks so much!

Joe Emard - California

Voilà trois semaines que j’utilise votre bec : Open Sky 2 et je dois dire que l’enthousiasme des premiers jours n’a pas faibli, bien au contraire. Il paraît que la justesse de mon instrument avec ce bec est surprenante et aussi la facilité avec laquelle la débutante que je suis peut aborder toutes les notes. Je l’ai même essayé sur mon premier sax d’étude et le résultat était surprenant. Tout le monde m’avait déconseillé de commencer avec le soprano bien qu’étant flûtiste. Je ne peux que recommander à tous les débutants de ne pas attendre, ils gagneront du temps et de l’argent car ils pouront se consacrer uniquement à l’étude sans passer leur vie à chercher le bec idéal. Moi je l’ai trouvé, Merci à Vous, Joe, pour votre recherché permanente. Ce bel instrument mérite mieux que des remarques non fondées.

Josiane B. Perpignan - France

I have received the mouthpiece a few days ago. Wow! You did a great job! The piece is now crisp, more responsive and the high register speaks clearly.  The piece blows more freely, with a faster response.  What was a good soprano piece is now outstanding! Many thanks, Joe.


Daniel Charron - Quebec

I received the S440 today and the reeds. This. Piece. Is. Great.  The tone was warm and spreads like softened butter as promised.  I felt like the wider throat made for a nice full blow with just a hint of good resistance. Most importantly, the intonation is spot on. You most certainly delivered. Kudos to you sir!

Mike Guarin - Massachusetts

Musicalement puissant, avec de nombreuses possibilités de laisser votre créativité s’exprimer. J’ai jouer pendant un moment avec elle, et c’était tout simplement un moment si grand de la musique . Un surprenant, son incroyable, ce qui était exactement ce que j’attendais de la planète Soprano, et un morceau qui m’a conduit dans quelque chose de puissant, je n’ai jamais voulu arrêter. Ce bec est le meilleur que je connaisse à sonner vraiment Jazz et Jazz à jouer. Vous ne trouverez jamais ce genre de sentiment musical spécial quand vous jouez une porte-parole de Joe avec un autre … Une chose incroyable et fantastique petit qui font une différence si grande. Le chaînon manquant est supérieur à tous les porte-parole d’autres que je possède ou essayer, c’est pour moi le plus élevé sur le marché, mieux que certaines choses que vous paierez trois ou quatre fois le prix! Je pense que je vais jouer mon exclusivement Missing Link maintenant, cette pièce fantastique fera toute pratique musicale ou de tout autre concerts et si bien amusant, et, bien sûr, à cause de cela, il y aura tellement de bons moments. Je n’arrêterai jamais de vous remercier beaucoup pour que les illustrations grand, parce que je pense vraiment que vous faites œuvre d’art!

Mathieu Goi - France

Once I figured out my setup, MAN did things fall into place. I have to tell you Joe, I LOVE this mouthpiece. It feels very different to me, yet it does not get in the way of my playing. On alto saxophone, I hear this warm, clear, and vibrant tone coming from the horn. Having played it the longest, I tend to hear music through an “alto voice” and generally try to achieve similar sonic qualities across all horns that I play. My Missing Link, however, gives me something tastefully different than expected. Paired with my 875 EX, I get this warm and thick sound filling the horn that I’m continually excited to explore.  The response is immediate and organic, which has been wonderful to experience. It’s also an incredibly flexible mouthpiece for me. I’ve used my Missing Link to play in a saxophone quartet, jazz combos, church band, Symphonic Wind Band, Big Band, and even in a modern duet with alto saxophone and fixed media! The piece has acquitted itself incredibly well in all situations for my needs. I just don’t feel the need to use any other mouthpiece, no matter what the situation.  However, quite possibly the best aspect about my Missing Link is that I am NEVER thinking about it when I play. It just feels like a natural extension of my body through to the horn. It gets out of the way, and simply lets me play!  As I’ve said before, I can’t thank you enough for putting your time and energy into making a mouthpiece that is both well-crafted and suits my preferences as a player. I can tell you for a fact that I will be working and growing with my Missing Link for a long time!

Andrew Strzyzewski - Michigan

I just returned from my first sax lesson since receiving the Missing Link. I have had the mouthpiece for one day prior to the lesson. My teacher, who is a real tone freak, kept alternating between two comments:1. Wow, what a great tone you are getting.2. I can’t believe how in tune that horn is playing. He made both of these comments at least 4 times during the lesson. He also said that there was no traditional “nasal” sound in the horn. Also, I began breaking in the #3 Marca reeds, playing each for 3 – 5 minutes and seeing which ones are acceptable. Normally I get 4 out of 10 and then a couple more that I can work. So far I have tried 8 Marca reeds and found them all acceptable. This has to be the mouthpiece. Or at least a combo of the reeds and the mouthpiece. I am very impressed. So, thanks again.

Sal Bennett - Sioux Falls

 Had a long workout with my Open Sky 2 mouthpiece. My Cannonball Global Series Bi Bell sounds better than ever, and blowing has never been easier, more accurate, in tune and responsive. I have much to learn with it, but I know I will be playing a lot more soprano as a result!I have made really good investment. The review in DOWNBEAT got my interest, and I think it is right about your new addition. Thanks for your quick and professional response.

Andy Geiger - Port Angeles, Washington

Joe thank you so much for this mouthpiece, made a world of difference for being able to access all the notes over the whole horn, smooth as silk which is also the warm voice like tone, makes playing the horn so much easier and enjoyable to play, couldn’t have asked for anything more, your a great craftsman at your specialty, thank you again.

Michael Harris - California

This Morgan Alto piece that you did for me really plays beautifully. Its like having a new horn.

Bill Scavotto - Rhode Island

Hi Joe, the piece is here and I find it excellent. The first sensation is that is very flexible on dynamics; my Bari isn’t. Now it’s time to study and find the right reeds. I think Marca 1 1/2 .


Joe – the vintage Woodwind.Co piece arrived yesterday – GREAT piece – with a ZZ reed I am getting consistent tone and dynamics all the way up & down, with great expression – with a Blue Box a softer tone but still consistent tonally with slightly higher resistance but an easier top end – it is also very lig-friendly – with an Eddie Daniels it is warm and wide, with a Rovner Custom it is round and open/hollow – combine that with the reed choice and already within 48 hours I have a choice of palette on just this one piece – also many thanks for your excellent pre-sales advice and customer service – I very much appreciate that fact that you in your first reply you simply answered my question and did not try to sell me anything, but let me mull it over and make my own decision. Finally thanks for being available on the phone, and for your swift postage and follow-up emails.

Alex Clark - United Kingdom

After playing the mouthpiece for a couple of days I found that it has beautiful dark color to the tone, round and clean with a bit of resistance. High notes are not a problem with this mouthpiece! Also, I’m really pleased that I can play it really quietly and the tone is so soft and alive. The intonation is perfect through the entire range of the horn! Amazing!!!  And the response is lightning fast! So fast that I started practicing more and more because I’m so delighted with it!!!

Benjamin Lamza - Croatia

I am impressed. It doesn’t seem like the same piece I sent you. Thanks for your expertise and good work!!

Justin Holden - Massachusetts

I have found the mouthpiece you crafted to be excellent. I have been playing on the soprano almost exclusively since I got your mouthpiece, the Open Sky 2. It’s that good. First, It is very reed-friendly. Nearly every reed I put on it plays, unlike the other stock mouthpieces I’ve had which were very temperamental with reeds. I’m not afraid to pull any reed out of the case and have it play. Second, it plays very easily. My embouchure is not tired after a practice session. I am able to focus on the notes rather than spend part of my mental capital fussing with how to set my mouth to make the notes sound. Third, every note plays equally well, from low Bb to high F#. I’m not having to do a physical contortion to get a note to play. I can literally set it and forget it (my mouth and the mouthpiece). And finally, the intonation is excellent. I practice my improvisation with a backing track. I’m playing in tune with minor pitch-matching tweaks on notes I expect. (It is a saxophone, after all.) All said, Joe, you have done a super job for my confidence as a novice soprano sax player. Many thanks!

Scott Kettering - Florida

I played your mouthpiece quite a bit today and have to admit: it’s really great. I can feel now what you say about one voice through the whole range, easyness of playing and intonation. Everything is great to me now. Thank you for your great work!

Dani Affentranger - Switzerland

The Missing Link has arrived, and it’s killin’! I love all aspects of it. Picked it up at the post office this morning, and finally headed to the shed to play test it after a couple of studio sessions on tenor, alto and baritone during daytime. Wow! Right away I understood what all the fuss is about!  I use Roberto’s Reeds 3 1/2 H, and I get a great core sound, rich and interesting. There’s plenty of fatness and warmth without any dullness. Plenty of projection, and the ideal resistance is my favorite part – it really allows me to shape the sound, and also helps stabilize intonation. Couldn’t be happier with my new setup!

Borge-Are Halvorsen - Norway

 Immediately upon playing with the various reeds I agree with you. You are right on target. The Missing Link with the reeds like yours which turns out I have plenty of works great.  The Missing Link is right on target now with a somewhat warmer sound overall and a fuller warm altissimo vs the Via Coro SJ which is exactly what I wanted. Great job Joe. Joe, day two,  & it just keeps getting better. From a whisper to a roar its right on the money. Its amazing. You rock. I love it.

Joe Mulvey - Pennsylvania

Greetings! Received your piece today and in a word, it’s FANTASTIC!! With this piece you hit the ball out of the park!! HURRAH!! It totally meets my expectations offering focus and brilliance, with rich and resonant tones. It has taken the Riffault and Selmer Soloist concept to a new level and produces for me the Soprano Saxophone voice I’ve always envisioned having. Thank you Joe!! Best regards…and I love the ligature too!

Harrison Goldberg - California

Hi Joe, I have to say your mouthpiece is wonderful. It has a warm and rounded tone, typical soprano voice but totally far from the “duck” nasal voice of many pieces. Definitely it’s wonderful! I can play it easily with my #3 reeds just like the FL one, and I have full control up and down. Really congratulations for this piece of art!

Emanuele Passerini - Switzerland

I just got back from my daily exercise. I thought I’d just drop you a note on what a joy it is to play my current setup compared to earlier ones. The Via Coro gives me a whole new level of expression and control that I never was able to have before. The combination of the Keilwerth SX90 and Via Coro has finally ended the struggle playing in tune in the upper register naturally.Thank you so much for this!

Niklas Uhrberg - Sweden

The Bari came today… I blew it for about 30min or so and it feels great. Still has the thing of my other one, but like you said the top register is not so choked, the bottom speaks well, – its also louder, and perhaps a touch more resonant – Seems i can push it a bit harder, which can give a bit more edge. Also real nice on the hard reeds like that – it can be nice and dark when not forced and really cut when blown. So far i’m really digging it man – thanks for your work.

Daniel Roarke - Dublin, Ireland

I got he mouthpiece today. All I can say is : this is crazy!!! How can one mouthpiece be that good and make so much of a difference ? This is like a different horn now, the piece really brings out the quality of the Keilwerth and gives everything I asked for, and more. Intonation, warmth, sound “complexity”, great articulation, easy to blow and is so flexible,  Just enough edge when pushed … I could go on and on but you get the idea. I can get the kind of sound we discussed. How do you do it?  No wonder the Missing Link has got such great reviews.  Thanks a million.

Ian Henderson - Trinidad

 Thanks Joe It plays great. Now I have to get my chops adjusted a little, and life is good. I love the way it articulates all the way down to B flat. Thank you Joe. You are a master artist. Don’t go anywhere. With gratitude

Lee Toffe - California

WOW, The fullness & beauty is far better than what you described on the Alma! The emotional value of the sound is thru the roof! The projection on the upper register normally takes off, forcing me to hold back. The Alma actually softens & enriches the upper octave. Please, tell me you plan to make these for alto & tenor!!!

Mike Puckett - Road Warrior

I got the 2 mouthpieces (Selmer Concept & Vandoren SL3)  in the mail today and I tried them right away. First, I now perfectly understand what you meant by the Selmer Concept being much brighter than the Vandoren. I didn’t realize this before your work but the rebalancing really revealed these features. In general the playing is way easier than it was before the rebalancing and requires much less effort.  Great news is that your work got rid of the octave jump issue that I had with the low G for both pieces. The lower notes (Bb to C#) also pop out much more easily with both mouthpieces, and with much less annoying vibrations – much more pleasant for the teeth. One of the coolest thing is that I can now play with dynamics. Before the job I felt that I was stuck at a specific volume and could not really bring out the full range from pp to ff. I don’t understand how this works, but your work on the pieces allowed me to fully explore the dynamic range. That’s amazing! Also the Marca reed you sent is really great. I thought you made a mistake in sending a 3.5 because I usually work with 2.5 and 3 and I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it because it would be too hard…but it actually works perfectly and it is superior to the other reeds I had in rotation. To be completely honest, the only issue that remains is that I still can’t hit the high E and high F/F# consistently. I think it’s probably because of me and being a relatively newbie with the soprano…just need more practice I guess. Thanks for a wonderful job – it was money well spent and I can’t wait to see what you will do with the tenor pieces!


Guillaume Chanfreau - California

I’m very, very pleased with your work! The piece  (PPT)  has now got everything I was hoping for. Easy blowing and very egal throughout the whole register. What surprised me the most was how good the intonation on the Borgani suddenly is. Actually I was beginning to adapt to the horn being extraordinary sharp on the high left hand palmkeys and compensating for that (which was also the previous owners experience). But your rebalancing for sure almost eliminated that problem!

Bertil Sidenius - Denmark

I’ve played the Riffault, and it plays GREAT!


Jonathan Steiner - Arizona

The mouthpiece arrived and it’s fantastic!  I’m at long last getting a true Bechet sound after trying many mouthpieces, everything you said is right and it’s especially good with the Marca 2 reed! I’m very impressed and can’t thank you enough for your superb service, expertise and a great product!

Ranald Hutton - Scotland

Both mouthpieces ( Gottsu and Gary Sugal ) get alive again , very easy blowing ,thick and powerful , upper registers are not thin as before and lower registers are more easy to reach ,Very nice job , I can’t ask anymore ! Thank you again for the great craftmanship .

David Chou - Taiwan

The mouthpiece arrived today.  I tried it with the reeds I played With before, and I find the intonation to be corrected successfully. I now can play octaves up and down – from i.e low D# and E to high D# and E, and it sounds spot on (earlier it often was almost a semitone off). Good Work, thank you very much! It’s fascinating to experience what a difference your work can do.

Rune Svegre - Norway

I got it today, and it’s amazing! I can’t believe the response and sound of it! Thanks so much for the great piece and service.

Brandon Tse - Ontario

I have well received the beautiful mouthpiece ( vintage French sopranino mouthpiece). It gave me more versatile choices of style, and sound fuller

Eugene Tang - Hong Kong

Thanks Joe,the mouthpiece is a real joy to play and is very responsive, also very reed friendly. The Marca 2-1/2 reed actually surprised me and played very nicely ,and (the mouthpiece) also plays very well on VD Java green box #3 and Rigotti Jazz Gold 2-1/2 strong also.Best regards to you

Steve Caron - Wyoming

(Barry bought a Missing Link second-hand. I rebalanced it for his curvy soprano)
Got the piece today and wow. I’ve been playing my soprano for over 20 years now and it has never sounded as sweet and engaging and flexible as it does on your reworked Missing Link. And with a 3.5 reed I can go up to hi E and all the way down to low Bb. And that’s with playing it for only an hour! Can’t thank you enough. I hope you never get tired of hearing the accolades you so richly deserve.

Barry Nierenberg - Florida

They arrived today!!! Tonight I had my first session with the two of them and was definitely fantastic.They sound perfectly. The 12* is bright and powerful the 10* is sweet and round.Two different sounds!! Really a good job. Many thanks.

Lorenzo Mondinari - Italy

Mouthpiece arrived safe and sound…jeez Louise what a mpc! I knew that if you said it is good, it will be…IT IS GOOD. It works wonderfully with my Couf, clearing up some inherent quirks one gets with any saxophone. It fits wonderfully with my tone concept and is exactly what I had wanted. The tip opening is no issue, of course.  Thanks so, so much!

Kent O’Doherty - Brooklyn

NOTE: The mouthpiece that this player is speaking about is my own vintage Otto Link Tone Edge, which I called my Lacy Link, as it was the same model as Steve’s and I created a virtual duplicate of Steve’s legendary piece, which I knew quite well.
It’s a piece of magic, really. Earlier, I spent time running through exercises and trying reeds. I know I can be cheesy with you, so I’ll just say it: it’s beyond reed friendly into reed empathetic. It really picked up on the specific characteristics of each reed I threw onto it. The Marca’s have the right timbral quality I’ve had in mind, but unfortunately I’ve only got 2 1/2s around. I sanded a couple down and they just sang. I’ll see how things go, but my chops are kinda tired. Probably need to order 2s and 1 1/2s just to test the possibilities.
I’ve never experienced so much color with any mouthpiece, on any horn, ever. Ever. I mentioned a while ago that I wanted a rainbow shooting out of the end of this S800, and this piece does that plus more. Intonation was locked dead center when I played with the 1 1/2s and 2s I’ve got at home.
I’m shocked at how much projection the piece has. I really didn’t expect it to project this much or be as loud as it is. Given the piece it was modeled after, and your relationship with him, how loud could Lacy get when he played? This piece just fills up space as much as my tenors do when paired with my vintage Links. I’m probably most shocked by the massive dynamics I can get. Whispers to shouts, all without any struggle. It just begs to be played across the whole dynamical spectrum.
Those were my initial impressions, to which I can now add:
I just put it away after running through the set I’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Man, it really is a player. Like I’ve got a teammate blowing the horn with me. Maybe more than a simple piece of equipment? I’ve never really experienced anything like it. Even physically, I can see why you’ve mentioned you haven’t seen any Links like it in a while. It is radically different than the thing I sent you, and I can see that I really was thinking about apples when I wanted a diamond when I inquired about a rebalance.
Again, thank you! I will give this piece a great home.

Mark Herrera - Salt Lake City

I received the mouthpiece today and what should i say….. wow it plays like hell , grreat sound and it has no edge it has “balls”. wow Thank you very much . I think with this piece i might consider playing the soprano a lot more often. Thank you very much Joe :

Steve Greisch - Luxembourg

Wow — it’s amazing how much it changes the feel of the horn. It really gives me a hard push in the direction of that Bechet sound and it’s a ton of fun to play.
Maybe I’m not in the market for a vintage horn after all.  Thanks!


David Brewer - Portland, Oregon

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had a good amount of time to play the piece, at home and in public, and I think it’s fantastic. You did an amazing job! Thanks so much!

Bhob Rainey - New Orleans

I just got my Missing Link soprano mouthpiece and although I’m still exploring its possibilities I must admit that this mouthpiece is by far the best mouthpiece I ever had! I always had a “missing” feeling in my sound and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was me? My instrument? My mouthpiece? The reeds I was using? In short not getting satisfaction for many years out of my instrument although many times I was told I have a beautiful sound…The Missing Link brought my sound into a new level. It plays effortless in the lower register and shines in the upper resister! The notes now appear to have a clear entity of its own from powerful playing to very sensitive with an ease. As I said I just got this mouthpiece and still exploring its possibilities. But I’m very satisfied with the results so far. I’m very thankful to Joe for first of all being a genuine and caring musician helping me with all his very useful advice. And secondly for producing this superior mouthpiece! I recommend any soprano player to check his mouthpieces. You won’t regret it!! Continuum: that’s my second day using the Missing Link. You won’t believe me but I feel having a new instrument in my hands! And the clarity and speed of my playing has 2X! But most importantly I love playing now my soprano instead of forcing myself to play/practice. It’s an awesome feeling.

Yanni Hatziefstathiou - Ireland

The piece now has that great sound it had when I first got it, but with a bigger/fatter quality, intonation is excellent, and I can use softer reeds effectively, good work, Joe.

Alan Brady - New Jersey

The moment I heard about you I knew I’ll learn a thing or two when we got in touch! The “less mouthpiece” is a revelation and combined with a bit firmer reed (I play Rigotti #2,5 strong, but today tried with #3 medium) I’m beginning to get a sense of what it has to be. Not there just yet, as I have to “reset” the old habits, but I feel it already and like it a lot! Thank you so very much once again for being there for soprano players who want to get better at what they do and love!

Dusan Petrovic - Serbia

I got the mouthpiece on Wednesday, and have now had a chance to play it in a couple of rehearsals. My first take was . . . wow! My second take was . . . Wow! I bet you can guess my third take. 🙂 The Missing Link has a beautiful sound – full, rich and warm across the board, especially noticeable in the second octave where my other mouthpieces fell short. Do I sound like Seamus Blake? Of course not  (and I never will) but with your Missing Link, I’m dramatically closer to the “sound in my head”. In addition, the Missing Link responds like an absolute dream, all the way to the bottom of the horn. I can just sit back, and let it sing. Count me as a 100% beyond-happy customer, and thank you so much for the marvelous mouthpiece!



Jordan Selburn - California

After playing my current Yanagisawa mouthpiece for 20 years, I finally took the risk of having Joe rework it. He balanced it, and it opened up in amazing ways. It’s much more responsive throughout the horn, yet the results are subtle and the upgrade presents no new problems. I’ve only played on it one day and suspect the change will continue to pay off. I’m sold on Joe’s work, and his friendly, helpful way of doing business. Affordable, responsive, expert advice and craftsmanship!

Bruce Ackley, ROVA QUARTET - San Francisco


Joe, it’s wonderful. Just played it for 30 minutes. It has exactly this airy timbre in the sound I was looking for and supports the sonic qualities of my R & C soprano a lot. A full body, with not too many high frequencies and much beauty. It has something sublime. In German we have a term like “the egg-laying wool milk sow“ for something that fulfils all your needs. This mp is quite close. The palm key notes nearly play by themselves in absolutely perfect intonation, with the first try I played up to written Bb’”. In general the whole range feels very balanced. All in all it’s the best soprano mp I’ve ever played. I’ll have a lot of joy with it. Thank you so much.

Ulrich Drechsler - Vienna

I received the Open Sky today. I am so thrilled how nice and smooth it sounds. I have spent many years buying soprano mouthpieces from just about every manufacturer. I was never happy with my sound. Today I recorded a bit on the Open Sky and….Wow,  you nailed it. This is the sound I have been after for years. The lows can whisper and the altissimo is there with ease.

Eddie Berg - New York

I got the mouthpiece today. And just finish playing it for about 30 minutes. Wow! What I can say? This is a beast!!! I can do things now I couldn’t do before on the soprano! Before I couldn’t figure out the actual reasons. I thought, okay probably there is something wrong with my instrument, or I need to buy a new and different brand, maybe because I’m old guy now, the decay of teeth, etc, etc. But this new mouthpiece, the S445 has brought the sense of play and enjoyment back to me. The funny thing is that all the years I have been playing the soprano saxophone, people will always commend about how great sound I had but inside myself I wasn’t quite satisfied. Now I can reach the top of the register with ease. I can play soft, I can play with power, I cam play super fast, I can make the sounds I want to on the soprano. Like extenders techniques but most importantly to have a genuine SOPRANO SOUND! And I love my sound now. This is a fantastic mouthpiece. The best I have played by far. So thank you so much for this great work of art and for your incredible services to the soprano sax fellowship worldwide!! Love from Dublin.

Yanni Hatziefstathiou - Dublin, Ireland

Thanks a million for these mouthpieces – they are everything I expected!

Wynand Troskie - South Africa

Wow.  I can’t believe I was playing on those other pieces.  I loved it immediately and it just keeps getting better.  My only regret is that you don’t make pieces for the other horns!  You were right about the high/low registers….it really opens them up.  Very consistent throughout the horn, and allows a great deal of control of tone and character.  It plays pretty or nasty….this is great. Many, many thanks.  Have a great new year!

Chris Heslop - Pennsylvania

I received the mouthpiece and have had a few days to play it. Thank you so much! It is a really amazing and beautiful piece, with just the right amount of resistance. I can push plenty of air through it without sacrificing tone and playing at any dynamic seems very simple now. The sound is right on too! Everything is more round, full and colorful. I can already hear the sound that has been in my head emerging ! It is working with me, rather than fighting me (unlike my Super Session!), enhancing my experience on soprano sax and making me want to play even more, which is a wonderful thing! I can’t thank you enough for the amazing mouthpiece and for all of the email correspondence! I will be recommending you to every soprano player I know!

Shannon Baker - New Jersey

I finally had time yesterday to play on all of the mouthpieces that you worked on and can’t tell you how much I appreciate your time and skill in making all 3 of those mouthpieces, that were previously almost unplayable, into great sounding mouthpieces that are personally matched to my preferences. I know that matching the two newer Meyer mouthpieces to play like the one that I have played on for years was not an easy task, but you did it, and I am very grateful and inspired. I will definitely spread the word about the great work that you do.

Rick Sadlon - Connecticut

Hi Joe, I received the new mouthpiece last night and had a chance to play for a bit. Once I readjusted the mouthpiece on the cork and my bottom lip, it plays super smooth! It’s definitely far more responsive and clearer than the old mouthpiece. 1/32 notes were articulate whereas they were muffled before. I love it a lot and will grow well with it. I have a long ways to develop my soprano sound but I like how it sings so far! Also, thanks a lot for the new reed! I really appreciate your work, super high quality.

Carolyn Lee - Seattle

Holy cow, you were not kidding–it was like playing a whole new horn today!!! Felt great, sounded great, and immediately removed everything that was keeping me from truly enjoying the soprano! Like a soprano decongestant! Haha, soprano mouthpieces are so small I never would have thought it would make such a huge difference, so boy am I glad I found your site… Once again, thank you so much for all the assistance, and all the effort that went into developing and crafting such an amazing mouthpiece–rest assured I will be putting it to good use!

David Clark

 Just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying the Open Sky 2, it’s exactly what I wanted, it’s less spread than my Missing Link but not too focused, still warm and sweet. I did a gig on it at the weekend and it worked well, I was very pleased with my sound when I heard a recording of the gig .I did the first set all on soprano.

Graham Snell - West Sussex, UK

Just received your impressive mouthpiece! I love the way it’s free blowing because you can focus on music and not especially on the mouthpiece. I also like the Marca Supérieure very much and will buy some (2.5) in the next days. I just wanted to thank you a lot for your work and also for your emails.


Julien Koesten - France

‘Ok, you were right and I love it !’ I have been very tempted to write only this as a feedback to you about the Missing Link you made for me. The alternative was to write 8 pages of comments describing everything I found about it (and I only had it for 2 weeks !). So, to keep things short, you promised simplicity, elegance, and that I would love to play the mouthpiece… Done, done (so much so !), and done. And that is truly impressive ! Now, I’d still like to let you know a little bit about my ‘encounter’ with your Missing Link… For the anecdote, curiously, this wasn’t love at first glance. It actually started as a huge misunderstanding, mainly because I had a few things to ‘unlearn’ from my previous mouthpieces… so at the beginning I had in mind ‘ok, it’s just another mouthpiece to which I have to adapt…’ Wrong ! So much so !
After one week of playing only with the ML, and trying back my old Yanagisawa (and the few others I have), I understood how easy the ML really is, and the many things it has to offer. There isn’t even a comparison… Basically it is ‘more of everything’. The most important things that struck me have been:
1) the tip opening is… well I wouldn’t say ‘completely irrelevant’ yet, but it is really only one parameter amongst many (you got me worried for a minute when I read it was a 60 and the Marca reed was a 3…),
2) the richness/fullness and evenness of sound across the whole range, even without working on it, is just incredible,
3) it is just ridiculous how reed friendly it is… I have tried everything I got on it, and instead of giving me hard times, it just offered me different kinds of starting sound from which to elaborate.
4) articulation is indeed way easier… And I am still finding new things every day… so I can say with confidence that your ML will be a very long lasting friend.
All right, that is, again, a very long e-mail… so let me conclude by saying again this is a complete success.
I do love your Missing Link !
Thank you for that,


Philippe Cance - Trieste, Italy

Got the piece, it’s totally perfect for me, thank you so much again. Spot on intonation for my squiggly True Tone and as much projection as I could want. Very excited about this, thanks so much again.This piece is really phenomenal. I never thought there’d be another mouthpiece outside of my vintage slant that’d speak to me so immediately, but your missing link piece is really giving it a run for its money. Unlike the slant, your piece has a real evenness throughout the registers that makes me want to only play soprano. The projection is just as strong as my slant but the evenness makes it so every register has equal presence, totally freeing up my choices as an improviser. It also works perfectly with my Harry Hartmann reeds giving me a really even sound and response. If ANYONE is looking for a soprano piece that takes your playing to another level I’d only send them your way.

Michael Foster - California

 The soprano piece is seriously awesome!

Andre Vida - Berlin

I’ve had a bit more time to play with the Missing Link, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. It is so much easier to play than other soprano mouthpieces and has really helped me dial into my desired tone. The sound is fuller, rounder, warmer, and bigger than anything else I’ve played with and it speaks fully and in tune over the full range of the instrument. I’m able to set my embouchure and just play without having to fight with anything. Simply put, it’s the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played on, and the best gear upgrade I’ve ever purchased. Thanks again for all you help and suggestions. I’ll point any soprano players I know you way!

Drew Raybuck - California

I finally got the mouthpiece (seems like they’ve been transporting it in a rowing boat) and this is it! I’ve been playing it for three days straight and yes, this is it!!! No coming back! Many many thanks, you’ve made one soprano player very happy indeed! All the best from Croatia, if you ever come close give me a message and I can be your tourist guide.

Velimir Segon - Croatia

Finally the mouthpiece has arrived and it became a true Christmas present. You did an exciting job, especially on the Yamaha horn it plays smoothly, sounds great, plays effortlessly in tune and reveals beautiful colours. Thank you so much for this marvelous work, you have done. I wish you great Christmas holidays and I’ll recommend your work to all my fellow soprano players.

Dirk Rumig - Germany

Got it today! It plays beautifully…It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for. Big and resonant with a lot of flexibility to the sound, with ultra fast response. Thanks, Joe!

Hayden Fallek - Virginia

I got the piece yesterday and played on it this morning. I love it! It is exactly as you described! So glad I found you on the web!

Gary Hallquist - North Carolina

I could have guessed it from all the rave reviews for your mouthpieces .. but the Missing Link truly is amazing! I get what you said about the Keilwerth needing more air, and seen against the other piece I was playing  I can see, or imagine I see, how your mp might do that .. simply in terms of size and shape. Anyway, it’s a whole new sound and I love it.

Catriona Reed - California

Love the mouthpiece. It’s playing great on a number of different reeds (Legere, Fibercell, Hartmann, etc) and has a really lovely core tone to it. Stable, as well…intonation doesn’t seem to be an issue at all any more in the upper register. Lows are pretty beefy, as well.


Anton Ross - Hilton Head, South Carolina

Last week I spent an remarkable two hours with Joe as he customized his new Alma large chamber soprano mouthpiece for my soprano. His patience in dealing with my exacting needs was only matched by his amazing skill and artistry in making dozens of adjustments to make it just right. It was stunning to see how much of a difference the most minute change could make in tone, response and pitch. To watch him work on the mouthpiece was a wonder; as the most congenial and hospitable host imaginable, his adjustments were based (after hearing me play) on measurements, feeling (with fingers over the rails and chamber) and experienced intuition. The mouthpiece was being transformed in front of my eyes and ears. First the response, then a little high register tuning, then a greater dynamic range, and finally to sustain the beautiful dark sound (“buttery” as he called it) throughout all registers, including altissimo. The education was alone worth it, and I also ended up with a great classical mouthpiece for my chamber and solo soprano playing!

Dr. Paul Cohen - Manhattan School of Music faculty

I put on the Marca Superieure you provided (thanks for that!) and the whole setup ‘locked-in’ immediately. Clear, even, singing tone. A beautiful amount of warmth. Easy access to the whole range and access to several db more volume than my previous setup. So far, it’s love.

Richard O’Carroll - Australia

The workmanship is the best I’ve seen and I’ve had a lot of mouthpieces pass through my hands over the years. Thanks for all your help.

Bob Flavin - Maryland

Thanks so much for the wonderful mouthpiece. It looks and sounds fantastic. I love the sound; the tone is the best I’ve heard or played, I should say. You are a true artist. Thank you.

Mark Sheedy - California

 The Open Sky is arrived!!! I’ve just tried it and it’s a fantastic mouthpiece: the sound is amazing. Thank you and congratulations for your art.

David Brutti - Italy

Very good news from France ! Your soprano mouthpiece is arrived at home. First : it’s very comfortable to play. The sound is very near what I wanted. You’re a real sorcerer, man ! The sound is strong and precise and the registers  balanced. And the high notes are more easy to play. Thanks for the reeds. The Marca #3 is terrific. I think I’ll play Saturday for my next concert in a roman abbey. Thanks again for this beautiful work !

Bruno Claret - France

  I always thought that soprano mouthpieces were pretty much one and the same from piece to piece. I now know differently. Joe has made me a piece that makes it so easy to get to what I want to do with the horn. By far the best soprano piece that I’ve owned. Thank you Joe for your beautiful work.

Bill Pierce , Director of Woodwinds, BERKLEE School of Music - Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers, Tony Williams Band

Well, I’ve just spent 40 of the most instructive minutes of my life playing your wonderful mouthpiece. Thank you for taking the time to elevate soprano mouthpiece making to an art form.

John Gould - Arkansas

I have received Missing Link in perfect condition. I love his sound and it is easy to get sound emission. It works well with reed Marca Superieure 2 1/2. Thank you very much for your advice and for Missing Link!, I love your  “missing Link”!!!!!

Jordi Malga Garrido - Barcelona

Hi Joe, it came today ! I The S440 soprano mouthpiece is just amazing on the Buescher tipped-bell, it plays perfectly in tune on it (!) and the sound is softer and a bit brighter than with the Missing Link you made for me some years ago. Really so happy, and many thanks !

Olivier Roinsol - France

Great. It’s a killer mouthpiece!

Vinny Golia - Los Angeles

So here we are, already September 24th, three months after I received your « dark & woodish 0.83 »  Missing Link ; )  You were right, after only a few days I started relaxing with it. . It’s exactly what we were looking for : wide, harmonically rich, yet dark and woodish. Easy altissimo, deep low notes. Bonus : precise and bouncing attacks. Bingo !  Thank you once again Joe, you did great. I have to say this is the most accurate, comfortable and colorful piece I met in thirty years of soprano playing. Un grand bravo.

Matthieu Donarier - France

I’ve got it and it’s amazing! Thank you very much!

Michael Cielsienski - Gdansk, Poland

thank you for this soprano mouthpiece after I have received today I tried it. And it is really the best mouthpiece in that kind of sound I have found. The sound is warm but it is possible to push it and get a different sound character . Thank you Joe for that piece!

Uwe Pfeiffer - Germany

I finally got to spend time with the new piece. I have to say it’s very nice to play – easy to blow, lots of tonal possibilities from rich to subtone. I think it will make a world of difference to my playing and I’m excited to be back on soprano. Thank you for making it – you have fantastic skills and knowledge!

Bob Batty - Ireland

Thanks again for the mouthpiece, it’s performance is outstanding, it really sings!It’s just what I was looking for in terms of quality of tone and response.The tone and response is second to none and I’ve tried a few soprano mouthpieces since…. 1985! Great job!

Craig Collins - United Kingdom

The mouthpiece arrived today. Thank you so much! It has a great sound and is absolutely fun to play. I’m not perfect on it by any means, but it is definitely an improvement over how it was before and I look forward to getting to the sound I hear in my head!


Sam Brunson - Chicago

Spent some time on the soprano this morning checking out the new mp.  Can’t thank you enough. You’ve given me just what I want with lots of room to grow.  The sound is fat, sweet and expressive. The intonation is spot-on through the entire range of the horn. The Marca reed you sent worked beautifully. It’s a tad brighter than the Alexanders I’ve been using, but I like that on this piece. Even with a basic Rovner dark ligature the setup really sings.

Jesse Ostrow - New York

I love this mouthpiece! You did a great job!!!

Pat Rucker - Alabama

Wonderful!  Palm keys and everywhere else on the sax is in tune, and I can articulate the palm keys now.  I even managed an altissimo G.  Love the nice warm open tone I’m when I want that voicing, and I can push some brightness in too if I want that. Seems you nailed it, and I will certainly recommend you to others who may want to “tame” their sopranos. Thanks!

Brian Loudermilk - New Jersey

When I arrived home from work today, the package was in my mailbox! I tried out some of the reeds that didn’t play before and they play beautifully now. Amazing. The tone is simply beautiful. I thank you for making those final adjustments.

Tim Biernacki - Syracuse

 It is so free playing and responsive. The tone with the #3 Marca reed is IT! Already it is playing beautifully. If any beginning to intermediate player is waiting to invest in one of your mouthpieces until they are “better,” my advice is buy one now. Easier to blow and control and ten times the tone! Why wait! Thanks for all of your advice. The time you spent with me really paid off on this end.

Sol Krueger - Oregon

Apologies for taking so long to send this note, but I need to tell you that the Missing Link you made for me is fantastic. I liked it right away. The tone is flexible, allowing me to nuance the brightness and edge. The intonation is right on the money–pitches go right where I expect them to. The resistance is just right so I can subtone or make big leaps or play multiphonics with a high degree of confidence. All of that was apparent immediately within the first few notes of play testing. After using it in performance, and rehearsal, and general shedding I feel like it is much more of a revelation. I don’t have to spend any energy on compensating for the mouthpiece; it just works that way it should. I could not be more delighted with the freedom it has brought me. I feel like I’ve got so much more bandwidth available for the music now. I can only describe it as “balance”; the Missing Link lets me engage the music from a position of balance. It truly is the mouthpiece I’ve been looking for my whole life. Thank you!

Nathan Hanson - Minnesota

 I really appreciate your efforts! A piece like that is worth the price. So glad I asked you to make one for me, definitely a totally different animal than the Missing Link. I like the ML on the MK VI, and was using it on the 82Z too, but it is better on the Mark VI, and I wanted something to bring out the best in the 82Z  I didn’t know if I was ever going to find it, but you gave it to me. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thanks so much for enhancing the quality of life for me in the soprano sphere.

Paul Grandmaison - New Hampshire

I returned from holiday and at once tried the mouthpiece.  A blue box is only reed which well  fixed.  It is magnificent. I don’t know what I can tell  more.  And amazing perfect control, I can do on it everything that I want )))))

Igor Lukyanov - Moscow

It is exactly what I wanted. The shape fits me perfectly.The sound is warm but complex. When Stan Getz had his tenor stolen all he wanted was the mouthpiece back for a reward. A good mouthpiece is hard to find. I am getting a real good vibe off your piece.

Rod Keyzer - Wisconsin

Joe, the mouthpiece plays great, effortless and with a warm tone! A solid piece to work with,and to build a sound!  Thank you very much!

Aingeru Ruano Torre - Spain

I’ve played the piece and it’s a joy! The Missing Link is a great piece and I’m glad I bought it after our conversation. Regards, and Happy New Year,

Pat Marino - South Carolina

To say I’m impressed with your work, would be an understatement. The acoustics and sound were just what I was looking for. The responsive performance truly stands apart. The Open Sky 2 is the perfect mouthpiece for my Selmer Series III.  You seriously solved all my problems here !!!

Thane Andrew - Texas

WOW!  Low notes sound and high notes in tune.  Low C, Middle C, and High C spot right on according to my tuner!  Nice, warm sound.  With its Missing Link mouthpiece, my Yamaha is like a whole new horn.  Also, I like the design of your ligature.  Thanks so much for everything.

James Garcia - California

Joe, you are a master my friend!!! A real master!!! this mouthpiece is killing…..warm when I play soft, but if I want to increase volume, it plays great….the intonation is incredible in all registers….very comfortable on my mouth……..and precise on the articulation……Now I can play soprano, without thinking on the mouthpiece….now I think on my music!!!! .

Aldo Salvent - Costa Rica

Just wanted to let you know that I’m really really happy with your mouthpiece. It’s simply outstanding and makes playing so much more fun and easy! I love it and you seem to be a mouthpiece wizard!

Malte Durrschnabel - Koln, Germany

Just a quick note that I got the mouthpiece today, and you didn’t exaggerate. It’s an incredible piece. I’ve tried quite a few other mouthpieces, and to be honest nothing has come close. Thank you so much. I’ve already played for as long as my lip could hold out and I’m just resting up to give it another go.Thanks again.

Tom Bombara - San Francisco

I got the Missing Links today and spent a couple of hours trying them on different horns. They are both wonderful in terms of sound, playability and feel! They match my horns perfectly and I get the sound I want to hear… Thank you so much! I like that they are a bit different from each other so I can choose depending on the horn or the music. Honestly, when I opened the mail and read .074″/.075″ on the box, I was hoping that there are not to open for me, but there is no problem at all. They play with no effort and are easy to control. While playing there wasn’t any moment I were wishing for another tip opening or even thinking about it at all. It just feels right and natural and the tone is round and full. I read what you say about tip openings but it’s another thing to make the experience by yourself…

Andre Cimiotti - Germany

Just got the mouthpiece and took some time out of the lunch hour to blow a few notes, and all I can say is…WOW! Using just a random blue-box 3 that I grabbed (and that had been broken in on the S90), this thing is UNREAL! The tone is rich, fat, and flexible, articulation is dead easy, the upper register sings instead of shrieks, and intonation is spot-on. One of my housemates (who didn’t know I was trying a new mouthpiece) heard the first couple of seconds and yelled from the other room “What are you doing differently?? That sounds great!” Can’t wait to play around with it for real and make some music, but my first impression is that, if anything, the testimonials on your site UNDERsell how good this thing is! I can’t thank you enough!!!

Will Cicola - Michigan

It’s this magnificent, beautiful thing, which was obviously created and meant to be played on my Couf. It speaks with a deeply personal, introspective voice, and I keep finding myself falling into this wonderfully delicate, yet not fragile, singing voice which exceeds the sweetness and melancholy brought to mind by Shorter’s playing on 1+1. All of this goes without commenting on the impeccable intonation, the freeing of the upper register of the horn, the curious smell of quality rubber, and the stunning visual presentation of a piece which looks antique, and almost dares me not to play it for fear of marring its pristine form. To echo your other client: I’ve had a hard time taking the horn out of my mouth since the piece arrived, because all I want to do is make it sing.

Mark Herrera - Salt Lake City

  I got the mouthpiece at the office this morning and it is perfect and plays great.  The Alexander Superial #3 works really well with this piece and I love it. I am playing it with a Bonade ligature that helps to center the sound.   I am figuring the altissimo on this piece and the mouthpiece is very comfortable.  It is extremely powerful as well and I can see me having fun with it. Thanks for making great mouthpieces.

Andre Jefferson - Virginia

Having just spent the weekend on Sopranoplanet——I will do my best to describe the experience. The Missing Link makes my ’71 mark vi sound utterly gorgeous! Every note on the horn is fully capable of sounding beautiful! The sub-tone is incredible and I can play softly over the entire range. When I push it up high I get a torrent of tone that is shocking in its intensity. The palm key notes seem to lock in on their own and resist the tendency to go sharp and out of control. The even timbre and ease of play are outstanding. I am forever thankful and a proud citizen of Sopranoplanet!

Steven Flygare - Salt Lake City

The mouthpiece came today. I have it on my G mezzo right now needless to say it’s killer!  Opened up the horn a bit more and there’s a lot of nuance, I had it on my Keilworth for awhile too. Equally impressive, opened that horn up also. In fact every soprano I put it on was cool with it .Beautiful work Joe, open big sound but pppp dynamic is right there . Awesome!!!

Vinny Golia - California

I received the piece in a timely manner .  Immediately tried it out and good grief…it’s just what I want and need. I’m currently gigging on it while being unable to put it down during my practice sessions – playing soprano has never been so much fun, or easy, including the upper register – though my intonation is still suspect(more practice needed), the top end pops out with ease.

Joshua Messer - Miami

I do love the Inderbinnen and think the mouthpiece sounds great on it. It’s interesting how you can really get IN to the sound with this mouthpiece, if that makes sense. There’s an intimacy with the sound that is noticeable with the Open Sky and I am very interested in looking into your Metropolitain as well, especially if it does indeed go deeper!

Jeff Snow - California

 This is a massive mpc!!!!!! You know I have this killer selmer soloist piece I have played for a long long time. Yours is about to knock it out……:) Everything I’m searching for in a soprano mouthpiece is present in your Missing Link

Torben Snekkestad - Norway

Joe I just got your piece  yesterday. First of all I am really digging this piece. So far I like Hemke 3 on it. There is something more “ soprano “ in the way this mouthpiece plays and feels.  This piece is exactly what I asked for. By the way,  the color of the tone in the upper register is just gorgeous!! Thanks!! Definitely you are a plus recommended!!

Harold Hurtado - United Kingdom

I was worried whether Selmer Soprano Series 3 would be able to reach A=442Hz, but it turned out to be fine! There was a margin of 5mm to the end of the cork. This mouthpiece is pretty great. The mid-low range resonates deeply and richly, like cor anglais, and the high range resonates transparently. Exactly the sound I was looking for! Thank you Joe. I tried various reeds, but the included MARCA SUPERIAL 2.5 suited me best. I wanted it to be darker, so I chose MARCA American Vintage 3.0. Above all, this mouthpiece is very efficient, and when I first played it, I was very surprised at how thick, soft, and loud the sound came out. I thought Neck had more potential on the straight than on the curve. It is a mouthpiece with a very strong energy and beauty, and I don’t think there is anything else like it. (I have over 100 soprano mouthpieces for tonal research.)

HIRO IDE - Tokyo

The mouthpiece has come! It has a great sound! Powerfully and simply fantastically!You have made quite a great work there! Many thanks! I am very proud of the mouthpiece!

Holger Mantzel - Germany

This mouthpiece is incredible!  A lot of soprano pieces I have found tend to block the player…this piece says “Where do you want to go?”. I gave been playing it this weekend on my old Italian horn and it has never played better.

Joel Prudhomme - Lake Charles, Louisiana

Well, I made it back from this recent road trip and putting first things first, I unboxed the mouthpiece. And to my delight, something magical happen when I played on your work, of my Link. It plays GREAT!!! It may be second nature to you, but the work you do is amazing. Also, I will definitely be passing the word about your work. to my colleagues and students. This makes me re-think, how to buy a mouthpiece… If they come from the manufacturer still needing work.

Woodie Douglas - California

….a total killing piece!  It really zings with the Alexander 3’s and the Marca 3.5’s should arrive sometime this week.  What a fantastic piece, sincerely.  I played a bit on the old mouthpiece before I put the horn in the key clamps post-repad and while I was waiting, your piece arrived in the mail.  I was patient and left it in the clamps for a couple more days.  Friday afternoon, I popped on the OS2 and took them both for a spin….ran scales and such for a few minutes and found myself in the middle of “You Don’t Know What Love Is.”  The tone on that ballad was so pure.  Thanks from one happy-as-hell customer,

Will Camp - Georgia

The mouthpiece has arrived and it’s wonderful. I’m loving it. Again, thanks very much, and I wish you all the best,

Dom Z - Hong Kong

The mouthpiece is great, the overblowing tendencies are much much less, the tone sounds rich, it is shocking how pianissimo the horn can be played without strangling the timbre! And now it is again me being the limiting factor, not the equipment. That feels quite right :)So thank you very much! The tone is really nice and smooth over the registers, especially with the Marca reed of yours in 3.5. The overblowing issues have diminished remarkably, although I will have a new cork put on the neck, the connection seems a bit loose. I can play it down to the bottom and, with some warm up, up to F´´´ (before it stopped at D´´´). I feel that I merely have just begun to explore the tonal possibilities with your mouthpiece (soft, thin, wide, bright, jazzy, classical, super pianissimo to very very forte, all possible!), whereas with the former one it was like playing it one way or hitting a wall.

Felix Otto - Germany

During the covid-19 in lockdown I had dedicated a lot of time to getting up to speed on my soprano and was becoming increasingly disillusioned with my mouthpiece.  A quick email exchange with Joe and my ‘piece was sent off to him for a rework.  I now have it back and I must say I am hugely impressed with what he has done with my quite basic Bari mouthpiece. The new setup seems to offer more of everything- cleaner, faster articulation, wider dynamic range & a potential for harmonic jumps which i specialise in on tenor but had never considered feasible on sop before.  The bottom line and my ultimate test for any mouthpiece- is it fun & inspiring to play? Yes it is, enormously so. My family are already sick of me sliding off for yet another quick go on my soprano. Many thanks

Jules Lawrence - United Kingdom

The verdict is in – I’m going with the Missing Link with Hemke reeds! The piece plays great, thank you for putting that together for me!

Peter Tessin - Illinois

I got my horn back and I’ve been playing the missing link for 4 days now. It’s great.  At the very first I realized I was trying to blow too hard. Then I started to get  what the dynamic resistance was about, like blowing a column of water up a hose and changing the level just slightly. Not effort-full at all but you can get feedback from it.   Now I think I’m starting to get it, and it just keeps sounding better.  The tone is rich and full, so much like a horn. It plays like a single instrument up over the break.  I’m getting a nice sweet and warm tone but it seems like I can learn to push it around. The ligature is very nice. Thank you so much for the piece.

James Joyce - New York

 Bravo and fantastic!!! Before I use the Missing Link with the reed, I used it with a used Rico Plasticover 3. It’s already so great. Then after I changed to Marca, it’s even better. . Normally, it’d be quite difficult for me play high note with low volume at one shot. But I can just easily do that for the whole range of my horn from high F# to low Bb without any difficulty. I felt soooo great.Thank you so much for producing such great mouthpiece!! ”

Stanley Cheng - Hong Kong

  Have finally had a chance to play quite a bit on the OS2 on both my sopranos. My conclusions are that your description of the piece is bang on the money. I really cannot see myself playing the ML after this! It has opened my Yani up considerably while at the same time making the sound sweeter and darker, though I can change the tone if I want to.
The real revelation was on my Sequoia unlacquered straight soprano. With a 1 1/2 Marca Superieure reed the tone was amazing! I played for a friend of mine this afternoon, he couldn’t believe the difference with both saxes. The Sequoia is even more complex, with a fantastic range of tone and a huge volume if you want it. I also played with an old Vandoren ZZ 2 reed and the tone was more flute like, with even more volume on tap!
He was playing his Yani 992SC with a metal mselmer piece and a 2 1/2 reed and my tone and volume was so on the nail that he wanted your information. He told me that he would have to start saving up for an OS2.

Bill Dale - Troon, Scotland

Just to let you know I’ve received my mouthpiece and it’s wonderful so thank you very much! Still getting used to it and I’ve been away recently (it arrived week before last) so I haven’t had a lot of time but looking fwd to getting to know it, and to be honest you kind of just know it’s going to deliver from the first few notes as it’s so easy and consistent throughout the entire range! Thanks also for including the Marca reed, must admit I’m not sure I’d have tried these because it’s pretty endless with manufacturers and becomes expensive trying lots of different cuts and strengths etc but the 3 played really well so I ordered a few around that 2.5, 3.5, the jazz filed, unfiled and American Vintage, all played really well but the superiors seemed best for me and I’m currently enjoying the 2.5 which I thought would be too soft but the high notes sing so well. Quite bizarre not having to compensate throughout the registers and being super relaxed! You have a true gift making these mouthpieces and one which I guess has undoubtedly developed  through your hard work over the years so congrats on making such a beautiful piece! With much appreciation and best wishes.

Darren Stamate - United Kingdom

Thanks for such a great mouthpiece!!! I played several hours this afternoon and worked a bit on reeds. A great sound… and what really impresses me is the intonation. I had always though that it was my fault that I was so very sharp up high. I checked the whole horn and I have never before played so well in tune. It plays fantastic down low and has a really wonderful sound. I can play up to high “F sharp” now and that has always been a problem for me.
I haven’t played soprano for several years now… at least not for more than a few minutes at a time, so when I get back into shape I will write you and let you know how it is going. It is going to be fun now playing it again. When I was in the orchestra it was always a worry for me to play in tune. I think that problem is now solved. I am looking forward to the first time it is needed in our Big Band. Next week I will try it in the sax quintet I have with some of my students. Once again, thanks for making such a great mouthpiece for me. It has met all my expectations.

John Hicks - Germany

MAN! I am LOVING this piece right now so much, thank you! You kept the timbral qualities I loved in place and made it play in tune and with significantly better response and overall playability. Thank you for saving me from trying to sell this piece too fast. Your work is exceptional, can’t thank you enough.

Michael Foster - New York

…the mouthpiece has arrived today ! Great great piece. A bit closed though, but the sound is deep so it should not be a problem. I’ll take a few days to get used to it. The sound color is round, rich, wonderful. Extremely comfortable !! A new world to me. Less brilliance, yet a wide harmonic range. Bravo, and thank you once again!

Matthieu Donarier - France

Joe, thanks for your time and patience in helping me select a piece.  You really understand soprano sax mouthpieces.  Though I’ve been playing the soprano for years,  I thought the soprano sax was by its nature thinner and edgy in the higher registers and had a less clean attack on the low end.   I now understand what even response and rich timbre throughout the horn is all about.   I find the sound of the Open Sky 2 really flexible and expressive.   The Open Sky really allows so much expression within each note.  It’s remarkable.   I now have a whole range of ways to attack the note and shape the sound.   Also just a bit more playing resistance on the Open Sky, which is nice.   This  really adds to musical expressiveness.  Joe, I had been working too hard for a long time!

Charlie Marcovici - New Jersey

I received the mouthpiece on Friday late afternoon ! So, I had all the week-end to try it and enjoy the music. Great ! Beyond what I expected… If I could make a metaphor, I would say that when I play the Missing Link, it’s as if I had always been living in a house completely closed, and suddenly all the windows were wide open… Each musical note is like a vivid universe, large and full of harmonics ! The high notes are crystal clear, never shrill…I don’t fight anymore with my instrument… now, I sing… (I exaggerate a little, I remain a beginner but I regain my enthusiasm !!!) So thank you so much ! Good work !

Richard Peyrié - Belgium

I am loving the Meyer more and more each day. At first it seemed quite mellow (but very full-sounding off the bat), and as I’m getting the hang of it I’m starting to see that “bite” you’re talking about. Love it! I think the tip opening is at a good level for me. The smaller tip makes it significantly easier to hit the top of the range of the horn, and resistance-wise I still feel most comfortable in the 2.5-3 reed strength range I’ve always been in (so far the winning combination is with Alexander Superial 3 or DC 2.5, and a FL Ultimate lig). Thanks!

Edan Soroker - San Francisco

The MP arrived yesterday safely! I played today for a longer time and it sounds great, plays very well and easy and is very equilibrated in all ranges!
I am really happy with your MP and your recommendation, thanks a lot! And I am very happy that the MP plays very well with my G mezzo sopranos sax, too. Therefore I van play the same MP on both horns…

Peter Schmid - Switzerland

 Mouthpiece arrived today …. WOW!!!! Beautiful ….. easy to play, flexible, and the sound is just what I was hoping for.  The Marca reeds are great as well.  Thanks for your amazing work….

David Wells - Maine

Received the mouthpiece and it plays great!! What really surprised me was how well it played in tune — I actually have some cork left to adjust! Nice warm tone and not shrill. I’ve never had the soprano dial in so fast. The wife, who’s not really musically inclined or really impressed by the soprano at all actually noticed the tone wasn’t “shrilled out” lol! The tenor sax, well, she’s already giving me the evil eye for spending too much time on the soprano. 

Doug Wilcox - Mississippi

The Link arrived and you dialed it in exactly as I hoped. It is on the darker side, but not overly so. Tone and intonation are even throughout the range. It also pairs perfectly with the reed you included. Overall, a great experience. A great mouthpiece coupled with excellent customer service. Thank you!

Jeff Rzepiela - California

I got the ML and have been playing a LOT.  I love the mouthpiece.  Beginning to get the freedom glimpse of being liberated from working the horn so much. 

Linda Niemann - Georgia

Well………….. I got to say I’m blown away by this 868! I’ve been playing it all weekend. It’s such a difference from my JJ; much bigger mouthpiece, much easier to blow. And DARK, but still crisp. It really belongs with my old Conn; I think it will be there forever! I honestly can’t think of anything to re-adjust or tweak (I kind of thought this would be the first round). Playing is 1000% easier and the tone……………….really big and beautiful. Fantastic mouthpiece. Thanks so much Joe, I may even be back for another one of yours! Stay happy and healthy.

Mike Pierce - California

The OpenSky2 arrived yesterday – thank you! I have had a couple of sessions and it really is a different experience. Very responsive and a lovely warm tone with the Sequoia. Marca 2.5 reeds are playing very nicely, so are V16s which give a quite different tone. Lots to explore! This is the first mp where I have been able to get an even tone top to bottom so I’m really pleased with it.

David Dorning - United Kingdom

So okay, holy crap, this mouthpiece is pretty amazing. You are the undisputed soprano master. Opened up my high range quite a bit. Enjoying the sound and feel, and it’s working very much as you described. Game changer for me as trying mouthpieces has always been an excruciating process. Thanks for your fine work and advice. Many thanks again,

Tom Krupsky - Wisconsin

Damn ….this piece plays GREAT!!! Joe I think you’ve made a piece that has combined the best of two worlds.Very linkish in sound quality and yet it also has the Selmer thing happening.Man, I wish you made tenor pieces!

Arnie Krakowsky - Boston

Mouthpiece arrived last night. I only had a short time to play on it, but , to be honest,  it only took 2 seconds to know it is a great mouthpiece! Thanks. I always thought talk of a soprano feeling as good as a tenor to play was likely a bit exaggerated, but I think you’ve achieved it. Really warm and flexible sound throughout, and super easy to play. I’ve been using a (redacted) piece, that is also quite easy to play in all registers–and it seems to have a bit of a similar oval shape to the chamber–but it also has some baffle that makes it brittle sounding to me. Yours just sounds glorious. Thanks for reinvigorating my love for the soprano.

David Borgo, Music Professor UC San Diego - California

Received the mouthpiece  (Wolfe Tayne)  today and just spent a couple of hours with it. The only reason I stopped playing is because my chops were giving out. It’s a mysterious thing – it feels and sounds like it always did, only clearer, more even tonally, and definitely more enjoyable. The low notes used to be foggy sometimes but no more. The highs are much more manageable and will be great with more practice. I’ve been out of commission for three years and am just feeling like I can get back into gigging again.  I really appreciate what you did for me with a mouthpiece that I can grow to really love.

Tom Yamasaki - New York

My mouthpiece arrived on Saturday. It really is a lovely piece. I managed to get right up to F3. The tone is so much better. It sounds fuller. It is easier to blow than my other mouthpiece. Thank you so much for the Missing Link.

Vicky Wilson - United Kingdom

 Well, I got the OS2 on Friday…And it is an absolute delight to play. Warmth with response – depth with sparkle. The big tip is incredibly easy to play and control. Articulation is crisp and is just moves through the registers with ease and precision. What a great mouthpiece. I can shape my sound any which way and with a smidge difference in reed placement I can transform from one kind of saxophonist to another. The purity of the sound still has energy and projection – I never had the opportunity to play an Open Sky but this OS2 is incredible. Did I mention that the intonation is impeccable? I also tried the OS2 on a Selmer Series 3 and it made that horn come alive! My colleague could not believe how his Selmer sounded. Thanks once again (I really cannot thank you enough!)

Kent O’Doherty - Massachusetts

I am just so pleased with how the three pieces you have done for me are working. Just amazing. From now on, when I use the expression “OMG” I will be referring to you!

Jeff Schlosberg - Minnesota

I’ve been working on the written email piece that I wanted to send to you to express my overwhelming gratitude for the incredible mouth piece that you made and sent to me.  The problem is that all I want to do is play it – all the time. I can’t seem to put down the soprano long enough to go over to my email and finish writing about it. It is so outstanding!
Getting your mouthpiece was like getting a new instrument. I’ve never heard a soprano sound like this. The funny thing is that the mouthpiece seems to also deeply enhance the inner harmonics of the horn itself.
I know that it sounds crazy – but my already wonderful Seawind soprano – has now become another instrument entirely. Before I could blow  – now she sings poetry. Your mouthpiece is a transformer! And you definitely are the Stradivarius of mouthpiece makers.

Dante Ambriel - Canada

I received the new mouthpiece today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It plays beautifully through the whole range of the horn and intonation is excellent. I had a rehearsal this morning and I used the Selmer E and experienced the things I didn’t like about it: thin tone in the mid-range, shrill in the upper register, limited tonal range. None of which is the case for your mouthpiece.  I love the sound, I played it 2 hours straight.  I feel like I am playing the soprano sax how it should be played and not limited by the mouthpiece. Thanks again for your talents and craftsmanship, I look forward to a long time playing this mouthpiece.

John Carey - Wisconsin

Thanks for the quick service and a wonderful mouthpiece.I have been playing it with my Hemke #3, 5 reeds and it felt so good, that I’ll use it on my semi-classical gig tomorrow. Right from the start it felt similar to my Tenny Otto Link, but more clear and more even throughout the registers.And already I like my high register more than before. Thanks for a great job, excellent advise and fast service!

Kurt Schwab - The Netherlands

The piece arrived in this afternoon’s mail. It is everything I was hoping for – and more. I haven’t had a LOT of time yet with it, but I picked one reed I’d been using lately, slapped it on the ’26 Martin – and the piece sang – great response from C3 down to Bb1. Good job, Joe.


Dave Dolson - California

 I’ve been regularly playing on this mouthpiece and its amazing. Everything exactly as I asked. I didn’t realize a soprano could be this flexible. I had some thoughts of getting myself an old Buescher/Conn, but this definitely gave me the sound I was looking for without needing to change more equipment. If I have any students in the market for soprano pieces I will send them your way!

Ryan Youmans - California

As advertised on your web site (and I only bring this up because often ads and reality are different) the Via Coro has great projection and is very responsive. I get big and small sounds, soft and loud as desired. But what is really unbelievable is that it IS a pleasure to play! The Via Coro has an incredibly professional feel at the same time that it yields to any range you want to play. Of course, I have a little trouble with the high F but that’s my problem not the mouthpiece.It’s  easy to use with the double lip as you said . That’s amazing.The tone too is be beautiful, pure, the whole range, and I feel the cornet sound that I’m trying to make — and, this is just with one practice.Another thing that’s phenomenal about the mouthpiece is playing overtones. I have, as part of my practice, been using Chapter 4 of David Liebman’s book “Developing A Personal Saxophone Sound.” Chapter 4 has several overtone exercises. One of the exercises is matching tones by fingering, for example, low B-flat and playing middle B-flat, then fingering middle B-flat, playing middle B-flat. The goal is to  have both sound the same. This is easy to do for the middle register and hard (for a beginner) from low B-flat through low C-sharp (as in the example above). But not on the Via Coro. The Tuner and my ears tell me that they are the same. And, this to me is really AMAZING ! Bravo on the Coro ! It’s really superb mouthpiece and I’m really excited about it!

Dan Gold - California

It arrived this morning in perfect condition. I have just played 15 minutes on it with the #3 Marca reed… Wow ! is all I can say. This is a beautiful piece. It will take me time to get it as good as I fell I can get it but it plays beautifully and the sound is as good as I have ever managed before. Thank you Joe , you are a wizard and you have sold me a thing of beauty and promise. Warm regards

Brett Iggulden - Australia

Wow! The Open Sky 2 was a significant step ahead for me… So easy to play and hyper responsive.  But the “Missing Link” is precisely what I was hoping for.  The richness and fuller harmonic, warmer tones…OMG! Joe your soprano mouthpiece knowledge is second to none.

Dennis Collins - California

I spent the past days making up my mind and experimenting with various pieces of kit. My personal soprano-setup is now going to be a Yani SWO20 (what a charm!) with your Missing Link and my favourite Marca American Vintage 2.5. This works best for me, also when changing back and forth with my tenor setup. For now, I want to thank you very much for your patience and the pleasant and constructive conversation we had. And, of course, for the outstandingly balanced and pleasant sounding mouthpiece you made for me – it corresponds extremely well with the Yani offering very subtle textures at low to mid volumes across the entire range, brightening up nicely when pushed and  accepting a lot of air for a soprano piece without ever getting harsh.

Christian Siekmann - Germany

The piece came yesterday as we were leaving town so I could not try it until this morning. I have been playing your Metropolitan for some time now, but this one blew me away from the moment I played the first notes! A masterpiece! It has presence! There is a focus to the sound, rich in overtones (all that overtone practice paid off …) that came out immediately. Usually, it takes me some time to really appreciate a mouthpiece, but this one allowed me to control it right away. It has certain specific characteristics but allows one to mold timbre and color; multiphonics came out right away.  On first try, without even warming up, altissimo was effortless—much easier I must admit than on my regular piece. I expected that it would take time to get used to it given the large opening, but to me on first try everything was effortless — just the right amount of resistance.I tried it on two different horns and I must admit that it really likes the larger bored Rampone. This is definitely my new mouthpiece—and all of this is just my first impression.  Can’t wait to put t through some serious practice. Thank you!

Piotr Michalowski - Michigan

Many thanks for the great mouthpiece. It was immediately very comfortable for me, and works beautifully on my saxello. The low register speaks effortlessly and feels totally connected. I love it!  I think the Open Sky 2 is a bit more powerful and has a sweeter/rounder tone that is more consistent from top to bottom than my (deleted). I was surprised at how well the included ligature works. I own a similar Brancher ligature which has a longer contact plate. Yours fits and sounds better.The OS2 is a fantastic piece of equipment; exactly what I was hoping for.
You are THE MAN for all things soprano!

Tony Dagradi - New Orleans

 I have received the mouthpiece a few days ago and have spent a few hours playing with it. It is very much what I was looking for in terms of tone and ease and comfort of playing.  I would also like to compliment you on the service you provide, the promptness of reply to emails, which is rare in itself, and the clear and expert advice you give. Furthermore, the mouthpiece was shipped within a few days of my first email to you. This is very quick.  I am very satisfied with product and service and thank you very much.

Jacques Brandwejn - Ottawa

I received the mouthpiece today and have been playing it for an hour, and what an amazing piece! Rich in all registers, dark, beautiful sound, yet it still has lots of power. And I have never had a piece with better intonation. The holy grail. Thank you, Joe!

Arve Karlsen - Norway

After all of the rave reviews, I should not have been the least bit surprised, but I was shocked at the performance of this piece. The sports car analogy is very apt.  The Open Sky 2 handles like a dream.
I have been playing soprano for nearly 40 years and have never enjoyed my horns so much. It is magic on the R&C Saxello.  Thank you for sharing your genius and artistry.

Mike Nixon - Michigan

Thank you, Joe! What a joy! I did not expected so quick. Then what a pleasure! and I’m only at the beginning… I could finally have a hint of these beautiful low notes that I had in my head.
In fact all the range sounds open. You named this MP all right, Open Sky…Also my small lungs are enough now and it was some of my problem. (My husband) could hear the result from outside the house and thought I was playing a tenor. Even the dog appreciates the change!!! I would like to share my experience specially with all beginners who dare not try or who do not believe that it makes such a difference when you can concentrate on practicing instead of spending your life and money searching and struggling. Thank you, Joe for your inspired work. Now …. I have the MP of my life! Best regards and again, so many thanks, Josie.


Josie Barthoux - France

 I write you finally to give you my impressions about the Axieme. First, I must to tell you that it is the easiest mouthpiece which I’ve played in my life. It is really incredible. I had difficulty to believe you when you say on your website that the soprano is also simple as another kind of saxophone. The low notes speak naturally and it is the first time I can make the high G! Concerning the sound… wow! Very impressive. I really find the sound which I’ve  had in my mind. I love my sound. Very moldable, I’m also surprised concerning the nuances. No effort is needed to play ppp or fff.
I am really very happy. Thank you very much.

Alexandre Canale - Corsica

Hope you’re doing well. I received the mouthpiece and have been working with it for the past week-ish. By golly, I think we’ve got it! It feels really nice to play, super easy on intonation, no feeling of backing-up, and the character of the sound is truly wonderful! Everything seems to be all in order. Thank you so much for continuing to work with me on this piece. You’ve been so kind to do so and I don’t know if I’ll ever get to properly express my gratitude. If there is anything I can do for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again so very much.

Andrew Strzyzewski - Michigan

Wow just wow. I am speechless. I don’t know how you did what you did, but I am absolutely amazed! For a while, I was thinking soprano was bad or needed an adjustment. After taking it to my beloved tech, I knew it has to be either my old age or the mp. haha. I feel like I just bought a brand new or the best vintage Yani soprano ever! Plays effortlessly!! I am forever grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Americo Fernandez - California

Oh my goodness!!!!! What a fantastic mouthpiece!  It’s doing everything I wanted. Crisp, responsive, tender, beautiful tone, and punch if called for…Absolutely fantastic! You ARE the man! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

James Joyce - Colorado

I just wanted to give you an update on playing the Missing Link you made me. It’s gorgeous. I absolutely love it. It’s flexible, it articulates beautifully, the upper register notes and palm keys are not shrill and have a nice roundness and warmth to them, lovely evenness from top to bottom of the horn. I got some Marca Reeds, Superieures, which are ok, but to be honest I’ve not had much luck with them in the past, I used to play them on clarinet for a while after a previous teacher recommended them, but I gradually moved on to something else. The guy who lent me his soprano had some La Voz mediums in the case, so I tried one, and the first blow I got that “oh yeah” moment, and the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. It’s a lovely mouthpiece, I’m really pleased with it, many thanks for your skill and great service.

Andy F. - United Kingdom

Joe, Thanks for such a great job and fast. Both piece are excellent. The Lemaire is unbelievably dark and smooth and will be good for chamber like we thought. The Caravan is perfect.  I used to to use it all the time but it just never seemed to have enough oomph. Now it does. Response, intonation and richness are all pluses. I’m going to give it the final test tonight at the Westchester Symphonic Winds rehearsal.

Tom Sweezey - New York

 Thanks, Joe. Metropolitain arrived today—resonant and deep.

Peter Woods - Ontario

Joe I played my mouthpiece again yesterday and I love it! Surely it plays as I hope to be,first very dark,and also with great response! Thank you, my friend. You did a fantastic job !

Mario Malette - Ontario

I played my soprano on and off all weekend….couldn’t get enough of it.  The mouthpiece is great!  I can’t think of anything I would want changed, including the beak. Intonation throughout the range is really good, based on my ear and the tuner I used.  Low B flat eases out, pp or ff, without extra effort.   Add to this, the fact that I am using the first Hemke 2 ½  reed that I took out of the box. (The 3 I tried was almost as good.) As for tone, you got it right on the button!  I am really enjoying working through the sound I am now producing and making it grow even better.  Thank you so much for making the above possible!

Mike Williams - Florida


The mouthpiece came in on the 17th. Response seems great, intonation is great, and the flexibility is quite enjoyable. My tone is very good, and sounds great throughout the range of the horn. I look forward to putting it through its paces and exploring what’s available. Thanks for your work, sir. It’s been an amazing transaction,

Charles Anderson - California

Gave the Martin a whirl tonight. Love it. I bought a 1927 straight Buescher a couple months ago and this fits it perfectly. Gentle. Rich. Fabulous. I’ll use the Open Sky 2 for more aggressive stuff on the Cannonball Arc and the Missing Link when I want a bigger sound. What you describe about anything you sell is always 100% accurate, Joe, owing both to your inherent honesty and wonderful command of the language. I very much appreciate you.

Chris Moffatt - West Virginia

It took me a little longer than anticipated to adjust to the piece, but then the transmission dropped into gear and it’s been oh so smooth to drive ever since. The more I play it, the more I love it–which will make the much needed time in the woodshed that much more enjoyable. I just started noodling around with it yesterday, and “poof”, three hours disappeared from my day. I’m going to have a great time getting to know this mouthpiece. It is indeed a singer, round and lyrical as promised. Thanks for your work.

Micahel Barks - Virginia

You recently made me this mouthpiece and I have to say, that it’s not just the sound that I sought, but even better. Now, I love my soprano more than ever and I find it a good match with my Selmer Serie III. The sound that comes out from this piece is so sweet and warm but can also be punchy when needed. This piece lets your sound being very flexible and with a lot of expression. I also have to say, that my previous mouthpiece had intonation problems but with this piece my soprano is now in tune. From a little reed testing, I found that the Marca Superior matches this piece the best and brings the best out of it. I’m satisfied  every moment I’m using this piece. Thank you very much for all the good service you gave me!

Reuven Schwartz - Israel

I played yesterday the Metropolitain for 2 or 3 hours, with a soft reed like you told me. As you know, with a new mouthpiece, the first 30 seconds are crucial: yes or no.  And after that of course some time to do better knowledge. Given that I had to change my way of blowing, I took time to try various techniques, different ways.So the 30 seconds turned to… 30 minutes to completely fall in love with this piece.
It is just the one I needed !! It plays with no effort, and it is already easy to control the variations in tone. It responds instantly, and with the 82Z’s agility, the result is impressive. The tune is perfect with the horn, I just have to play and it sings.
The sound is sumptuous, and my horn ashine with rare elegance. You were right: warm, sultry and evocative.
Let me say the truth: I didn’t work.  I just played on 2 or 3 Chet Baker’s albums, calm and focused, and after a few tunes I just forgot the mouthpiece and the horn… After that, I was with my students, and it was difficult for me, because I couldn’t stop playing !
But the most amazing thing is the ease for me to switch to another way to play. I thought for sure it’d take much time and work, but it seems to be very natural for me.
Joe, it is a total success, and I thank you so much. It was so important for me, because despite I love the tenor, I know that soprano is my voice.
Last thing:
Making soprano sax mouthpieces is your job. But I know you are a soprano lover, and I am convinced that in your mind your job is also a kind of « mission »: to provide access to the soprano sax witch is so frequently considered as difficult, capricious and even sometimes insane because of a trashy mouthpiece. Mission accomplished. Many thanks, Joe

Jean-Yves Auchere - Lyon, France

Hey Joe, I got your mouthpiece this afternoon… is perfect! After I figured out that I put the ligature on upside down it just sings! Can’t believe that I used that Selmer metal piece for nearly 50 years. Never tried another mouthpiece until today. You are right, I will be playing my Soprano a whole lot more now! Thanks so much!

Lance Heddan - Minnesota

I received the mouthpiece last friday and I´veen playing 2-3 hours a day now and I really don´t know what to say or how to put the feeling in words…I´ve played soprano for many years and I´ve had my “mouthpiece hysteria”, which means I have really tested them ALL…but this piece is something else.. I can experience total freedom in playing. Every tone just SING…It´s like it reads my mind :)))) For me the most importand with mouthpiece id the feeling and the Open sky2 is all about the feeling. Just amazing piece!

Petri Kivamaki - Sweden

Thank you for inspiring me..the re-approach To soprano saxophone. .playing..a glove that fits perfect. …”Metro”..mouthpiece.. allows the player  to  a full ..resonant sound!! And just play..effortlessly.on.The Selmer mk Vi. SOPRANO…lowest notes the highs.. Nothing could make me happier…

Rob Cooper - Connecticut

I’m a middle school band director, and a clarinet player. I recently got into playing with a traditional jazz band, and started playing a little soprano sax. I was using a Selmer Super Session E and was pretty happy with it, but decided to send it off to Sopranoplanet & see what improvements could be made on it. Joe was very helpful & kept in communication with me through the whole process. I liked the sound I was getting before, & LOVE the sound I’m getting now. It was very well worth it! Thanks Joe for everything!

John Pecorilla - Oregon

Magical ! ( rebalanced Selmer Soloist)

Tony Malaby - New York

I just played the Missing Link that you picked out for me and I could tell in three notes that I finally had my mouthpiece!  I love the sound throughout the entire range of the horn.  Thank you very much!  Take care!

Erik Ross - Indiana

So I tried the Via Coro out on Saturday night on a “Venus” curved soprano that belonged to one of the guys. First off, the intonation was relatively spot on, which pleasantly surprised me. I had some difficulty getting out the high register, namely the D through F. Possibly the Chinese-manufactured horn, or more likely me getting used to playing soprano after an almost 20 year hiatus.Anyways, everything else went well. I don’t think the Hemke darkened the tone as much as I wanted it to, but I have to tell you the first words in my head after playing a few minutes were Hot and Smooth. I loved it.  It sounded less vintage and more contemporary.  The more I played, the more the sound grew on me. This was a very free-blowing piece. And the control. Oh man, the control on the piece was super. It almost seemed to read my mind on what I wanted for dynamics.

Mike Guarin

 Wow! Everything I asked for is now there: no spit gurgle, easier resistance and the low notes speak much easier! The sound really fulfills my ideal soprano sound: clear, pure, sweet and beautiful! This is the first reface experience where every favor asked has been fully executed to perfection! A big thank you to you, Joe!

Tuomos Heinonon - Tampere, Finland

Your Missing Link mouthpiece is a thing of beauty. The tone is warm and dark. The ML makes my soprano sing. Thanks for the extra attention and for opening up the ML a bit.

Curt Cutting - New Jersey

Mouthpiece was received about 10 days ago and I am really diggin’ it. I am really happy with it, now it’s all on me and on putting in some practice hours !Thanks again for your kindness and preparation, hope someday you’ll make me a tenor piece too !

Davide Intini - Italy

I bought this piece just figuring it was a really good deal. Also, based on my positive experience with Joe refacing a Selmer ‘nino mp of mine. What I got was THE REAL DEAL of a player. This Dolnet is a wonderful match to my YSS-61. The “focused and alive with partials” description is as exacting as you can think of. Total WOW factor!!! Thanks Joe for another great mouthpiece.

T J Trifeletti - New Jersey

Mouthpiece arrived yesterday and I was able to briefly try it out for a few min in the evening. At first, the lack of super brightness I had been used to all these years from metal high baffles, threw me off a bit, but as I warmed up to it with different reeds, it began to really sing in a warm full pleasing sound and tone that I have never experienced before! That was within the first 5 min of playing. Thank you for including the 2 reeds. I was fondly impressed with how the Missing link played with the MARCA American Vintage 2.5 reed. I will definitely be ordering a box. I am super pleased! Hope to record something soon with it and share. Thanks again!

Rico Fernandez - California

Just got my Open Sky 2 today and it’s incredible, I’m absolutely loving it so far. Thanks again!

Griffin Vona - Toronto

Your mouth piece came in the mail about an hour ago and everybody is right, you are the real thing when it comes to soprano mouthpieces. The intonation is way happening, it has such great response etcetera etcetera. I have a cannonball big Bell soprano with two necks, the straight neck, and of course the curved neck. Up until now, the curved neck has sat practically unused in my case. With every other mouthpiece that I’ve owned, and ive owned some relatively nice soprano mouthpieces, I couldn’t get anything that I really like out of the curved neck. I was so pleased with the way the missing link was playing on my Straight neck  that I decided to try it on the curved neck for the hell of it. Not only does the horn play pretty damn good with the curved neck for the very first time in the entire time that I’ve owned the horn, that I’m not so sure that I may not end up playing on the curved neck more than the straight neck. I need to spend a lot more time on the horn to really get used to what your mouth piece is capable of color wise, and what I need to do in order to get that from it but just the very fact that you’ve taken something that was practically unplayable, and made me enjoy it, and more importantly make it sounds so good, is testament that you are truly knowledgeable and have the skill and the understanding of what it takes to make a great soprano mouthpiece. Thank you so very much!

Stu Melis - Texas

Got the mouthpiece, and so far it is fabulous! Broader sound than the C*, great response, excellent altissimo, even sound throughout – easy to control and plenty to lean on when I want to. Thank you!

Mark Harris, Prof. of Saxophone - Denver

We are settling in very happily with our new mouthpieces.  There is a smile on my son’s face when he says, it makes such a lovely sound.  His intonation has improved greatly over the past week.  We have trialled a few types of reeds and strengths. I found I love the warmth of a V12 size 3 1/2.  Beautiful tone throughout the horn. He found he likes V12 size 3.  It responds quickly and evenly throughout the horn.  A huge smile came out about when he was able to easily play the bottom notes of C, B, and Bb. We might even start working on harmonics on the soprano, so that we can extend his range above High E and High F.  His arpeggios started to sound even in tone quality and intonation. Thank you so much, he is asking to take out his horn when I get home rather than me asking him to play.

Kraig Sackman - Singapore

As you predicted the Missing Link MP agrees well with my Yanigisawa. It seems it has been opened up, and now has a more flexible and responsive sound. The harmonics come more naturally. In effect, I am renewing my relation with the soprano, and am happy with the broader possibilities in tone. The C-soprano MP also is a welcome addition. Both of my (Conn) C- soprano’s are more consistent in intonation, and the higher register has improved considerably. So, you have another happy costumer…..

Maarten Van Leeuwun - Utrecht

The mouthpiece has arrived. I’m surprised how fun it is to play. I was skeptical about the tip opening but you were right.  It is what I expected: Easy response. Dark, round sound. Good intonation, focused tone, good dynamic control, flexible tone. I tested the mouthpiece on 3 Hemke, Rico Jazz select and Vandoren reeds. The Marca American 3 are the best for me. This mouthpiece is inspiring. I can’t wait to record in the studio and play with bands. I’ll recommend your mouthpieces.  You can use email on the website.  Thanks again for this piece of art. I fell in love with playing the soprano again. Thank you very much!

Mikolaj Weinke - Poland

Today I got the MISSING LINK from German customs. I am impressed. It sounds great and it is particularly responsive over the whole range. Thank you very much for this great work!

Klaus WilKomm-Weiner - Frankfurt

I received the S440 and have been enjoying playing on it.  It’s a perfect complement to the Keilwerth and really makes the horn sing! Thanks so much!

David Morrissey - Massachusetts

I just wanted to thank you for creating such a great mouthpiece. Articulation is fast and crisp and I can shape the sound the way I want. The scale and tone are even from top to bottom of the horn.

Jason Millet - Virginia

Thank you so very much Sir! You have positively influenced my actual real life to a degree that you cannot possibly imagine. I am so happy that I spent the time to research the possibilities of getting a custom Soprano Saxophone mouthpiece, created by an experienced, successful, professional artisan, made just for me. I am even happier that I let go of the anal-retentive control that I normally execute over musical purchasing decisions, allowed you to communicate with me, discover what I am using to perform, what shortcomings I needed to correct, and what my performance goals were!  That wonderful dialogue allowed for a magical journey of creation for you, which translated to a spiritual journey of actualized musical performance goals for me. Let me not lie and say it took zero effort on my part, once I received the mouthpiece. Not so! However, once I played it, I sensed that it was like a fine slab of Kobe beef, that needed to be masterfully prepared in order to present a world-class meal. I have been VERY busy, intensely preparing, and must state that your piece (The Missing Link) has SLAYED all competitors en route to becoming my champion Soprano Sax mouthpiece that I just CANNOT cease playing, or thinking about playing at times when I cannot play. Joe, you have initiated a reclassification of my main instrument from Tenor Saxophone to Soprano Saxophone; no simple feat, and not for the faint of heart, or the under-equipped (or those with ordinary mouthpieces).  Joe, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!

Erik Clarke - New York

I think it was really worth the wait for the mouthpiece (one was lost in transit). I’ve been playing it since last Monday , and I love the OPEN SKY. It plays evenly through the whole range and the upper register is wide with a good core. Thanks for your great job, Joe .

Manuel Fernandez Castano - Argentina

Wow..Just wow. At first, I thought the 6 was actually a little closed (only because I typically play a 7 or 7* on tenor, my main horn), and for the first time ever, I felt comfortable on soprano.  But I’ve played it a bit more, and things are starting to settle in. And I tell you, that Marca American Vintage Reed is really great!  I just ordered a box – I had never seen or heard of the American Vintage line from Marca, so thanks for turning me onto those as well. The ligature is good, and I’ll keep it – I’ve been using either a Vandoren Optimum or a classic Rovner, but this ligature is quite nice. Many thanks!  I’ll spread the Soprano Planet gospel! Grateful to you for a great mouthpiece

Wally West - North Carolina

Hyperbole aside, what type of voodoo did you use on my mouthpiece ? Sound is more consistent, controllable and MUCH cleaner. Wow. Just wow. Thank you.

Sam Rector - Arizona

I got the piece today and tried it first thing. It does everything you said it would and better than I imagined. I played all the way down the horn and the notes came right out like any other note. The palm key notes actually have tone that I could actually appreciate (and hopefully get better at). Overall the piece is sweeter and responsive. I’m so glad I sent it to you. Thanks so much for the reeds too. You were dead on about that too. Best $95 I ever spent!

James Joyce - New York

After getting used to a bigger chamber and a broader dynamic range (compared to my trusty Riffault),  I started really enjoying the new qualities of the piece. A bigger, fatter, smoother and rounder sound with a lot of colour.  My Mark VI clone by Yanagisawa produced a kind of power i was not expecting from it. Surprisingly it matched my alto setup in many ways. I play SML Gold Medal with Ed Pillinger’s NYC piece (also large chamber). That thing sounds huge!!!  And so similarly S440 unleashed the power and opened up a tone palette of my Yani quite noticeably.  One of a very minor critic points i’ve had with the Riffault was that “altissimo”, or should I say “sopranissimo” 🙂 sounded just a little bit thin. Not much, it still sounded nice and sweet, but the dynamic would physically drop down in a similar way like a sound of a violin or a trumpet does in the upper most range. The 440 pulls out that register quite nicely and smooths out that drop on the palm keys.  It’s a very pleasing experience to play the mouthpiece and while i still prefer Riffault for a classical music when i play it, which is objectively easier to do on a smaller mouthpiece, I feel a lot of potential with everything else on a S440. All the other aspects are exceptional on both mouthpieces. Articulation precise and easy. Intonation – no questions. Thank you again for your excellent craftsmanship.

Anton Pyvovarov - Austria

The Mouthpiece arrived a few hours after your reply Plays fantastic the horn is very even from top to bottom those palm key notes are great and I can play with much more expression Intonation is excellent And that’s only about 30 minutes of playing Thank you Joe Playing soprano has become more enjoyable.

Rob Davidson - Australia

Played on it last night.  You completely fixed the problem of playing in tune, and the ease of playing in the upper register, especially at high D and up, is quite amazing.  What I am really having to adjust at this point is all the adaptive embouchure that I am so used to doing for both the low and high end on the soprano to keep things in tune. It is no longer necessary, but is almost done subconsciously/automatically while I am  approaching notes at the bottom and top.   Fantastic piece.  I’m looking forward to playing it live.  Without having to put mental energy/effort into keeping the thing in tune or getting decent notes at the very top, I’m excited about putting that energy/effort into creativity and expression.

Bob Martin - California

Piece arrived this morning. Had a few minutes and just what I was after. It’s great when you play a piece and you know there’s so much depth and so much to find out about it Thanks

Andy Friis - United Kingdom

Completely stunning! Much more centered that I would have thought from Philippe’s sample. Instant response. Huge sound. Rich, vital…Thank you Joe!

Guy Washburn - Massachusetts

Thank you very much for this mouthpiece! It makes practicing that much more enjoyable. I like the reed as well.

Layo Moridon - Indianapolis

My Soprano MP arrived a few days ago and I have to say you did a wonderful job on it , only today I got the chance to try it out. It plays with an easy response, with a nice fat sound , and good projection. This is a great MP and I appreciate the work you put into it. Many thanks Joe and I look forward to lots of playing on my Soprano.

Patrick Donegan - Kilkenny, Ireland

I’m at school, I ust got the mouthpiece and started playing it, I just love it!!!!! It can take a lot of air, has a lot of room in the tone, which is itself just great. After several years I have learned that, especially with sax mouthpieces, there’s hardly a second revelation…. good pieces have a vibe to them that’s unmistakable, they speak to our physics and ears, and that happens right away, like love at fist sight or else….I’m very happy, you’re obviously a master in this craft! A big thanks you for this wonderful piece you built, I’ll write more thoroughly in a while about it, I just wanted to share with you my enthusiasm and appreciation, Grande JOE!!!!
Un abbraccio e ancora grazie!

Stefano D’Anna - Italy

The Mpc arrived after one week you sended it to Vienna.  Anyway, my Missing Link plays great! „Great“ is an understatement. It has got all the characteristics you promised ( I was a bit  skeptical  because so many mouthpiece makers promise  the egg-laying  wooly milk sow  and it never  worked  for me.)  Response is light, the Horn is singing and resonating in EVERY register with  the same quality. It does exactly what you promised! What I really love is the Steve Lacy – Vibe I can get out of it. Intonation is spot on like on my Selmer c* which always was my „no embouchure adjustment needed“ I can go soundwise anywhere depending on the reed choice and my own imagination. Again the Alexander reeds work best for me (DC for brighter and focused  NY for darker and full.) I unterstand the concept of the Marca Reed you gave me, although  they still have a little „lush“ feeling to me.  Due the corona-crisis I was just checking out some mpcs for fun. I never thought I will change my setup (Selmer Vintage classical Metal E) which I played exclusively for 20 years. And I tried a lot. All the Selmers, all the Vandoren, some Otto links, two Doc Tenney Links. None of them came close.  You definitely know what you are doing! Thank you very much!  Stay healthy and best greetings from the (very hot) Vienna…

Mathias Mayrbaurl - Vienna

I received today the Open Sky 2. First of all thank you for the super fast delivery across the ocean! So I had my first trial with it on my Yamaha 675 (straight neck, Marca Superieure 2 &1/2 reeds and Silverstein ligature). My first impression? I love it! It plays beautifully with clear and focused tone. But my biggest surprise (and relief!) is the easy by which I can play now the higher notes on my soprano. Furthermore I can  change from playing softly to powerful sounds and be in total control of my instrument. This is now my best soprano mouthpiece (and I still love my Missing Link). It’s like it was made just for me! So thank you and again congratulations for a superb job!

Yanni Hatziefstathiou - Dublin, Ireland

I just got my mouthpiece today . Well LET ME TELL YOU!!!! Holy mother of all things created… I am simply left without words. I did not know that I could enjoy playing soprano sax like this. Never, and I mean never, have I been able to get such full response down low while playing amazingly soft. Never have I had such an even sounding scale through the entire range of my instrument. Never have I felt like I wasn’t fighting the instrument. Rather now, I am enjoying it. I don’t understand what you have done here, but this piece is wonderful. The sound meets all my expectations of warmth and orchestral approach, while also giving me the capability to alter my embouchure and get a completely different style of sound. Joe, I will pass this mouthpiece around to my colleagues to try. I have no doubt you will get more business from me and my fellow sax players. I would say more, but I want to get back to playing (playing, not working on this instrument). Thank you so very very much.

Steve Ticknor - Virginia

The Missing Link  is working great.  I am coming from an Ideal with a 3 tip, so it is taking me awhile to accommodate to the larger tip, but my funky little Emilio Borgani is sounding so much richer, deeper, and authentic.  Thought I’d let you know. Many thanks.

Lea Macquarrie - Maryland

 I received the “Missing Link” soprano mouthpiece a few days ago and I would like to say “THANK YOU” for your great work! I played it these days, the tone is great, I love it.

Ken Chow - Hong Kong

Wonderful piece, deep, full, but still resonate. Love the Marcas. Got to spend a good 3—4 hours on it yesterday, and I began to lock into it. Nice!!

Daryl Dunn - Georgia

Joe – Thank you so much for your expert insight into making me a piece that truly feels RIGHT. This is the only soprano piece that feels like you are with a bigger horn (alto/tenor). First of all, let’s talk tone quality. This Missing Link allows my concept of sound, top to bottom of the horn. Warm, with a solid core that is there all over. Dynamics are a treat because unlike other stock pieces, the sound quality doesn’t change with the dynamics. The mp allows me a hint of good resistance to shape the sound. Overtones are spot on. Timing between notes feels quick and nimble. Articulation is probably the most pleasant surprise. Good staccatto followed with an even better legato. I am looking forward to being able to truly explore all the possibilities with this wonderful mp.

Joseph Ott - Iowa

Received the mouthpiece. Great! I love it! Thanks, it’s perfect.

Johnny Guerrero - California

Forgot to say that I’ve never had so much joy with playing the soprano as now. It’s really a pleasure!

Turiya A. Moltke - Stockholm, Sweden

I feel the sound is very special. My heartfelt thanks to you, Joe.

Major Lau - Hong Kong

Although a little late, I would like to thank you very much in this way. The mouthpiece is wonderful and it was a godsend. It behaves exactly as you described it. The tonal freedom that I have somehow lacked is in perfection and the small issues i’ve had with my instrument are no longer there. By the way, I can now play high notes that I never heard on my Soprano before.I have always enjoyed playing my soprano sax, but this mouthpiece is a quantum leap for my inspiration. Thank for your great Work! Best regards from Aschaffenburg / Germany.

Heiko Proske - Germany

Wow…I love the tone I’m getting on the Missing Link. It’s warmer than the S25, the palm key notes are just popping out and the intonation is easier

Stuart Colhoun - Victoria, Australia

I received the mouthpiece  Wednesday and, from the first blow, the experience is fantastic!  Me and my King Saxello are very happy:  perfect intonation with a beautiful rich warm & pitch-centered sound…easy blowing with perfect mix of resistance… amazing dynamic.  Dear Joe, on your planet you are the magician among magicians.  Thank you so much…

Philippe Bernard - Belgium

Hey Joe! Just a quick thanks for the OS2.  It’s absolutely amazing!!

Steve Cogswell - Michigan

Wow, very very nice piece! Very easy to play, all notes speak easily including the lowest, tunes perfectly top to bottom, and with the Yanagisawa 902 horn it has the wonderful dark and elegant classical sound I was hoping to get. Easy to get a nice controlled vibrato when needed, easy to get a bell-clear steady in-tune tone when not needed. I am now sure that the problem with the Selmer and the Rousseau MP’s playing way sharp were not due to my clarinet chops. I love it.
Thank you, Joe.  I cannot tell you enough that I am happy and thankful to you, Joe.

Eric Van Nice - California

 I received the mouthpiece last week. It is truly amazing, very free blowing from top to bottom, with a fascinating and deep tone.I never played so easily the altissimo, and all registers are warm and full of harmonics. The articulation is excellent and the staccato very clear. It is perfect for classical contemporary music, and also for modern jazz; a great choice for developing a personal sound.
Man, you are a genius! Thank you again.


Massimo Miglio - Italy

The mouthpiece arrived just over a week ago and it’s magnificent! My wife is very happy with it and she sounds great. So far she’s using Hemke #2 reeds because that’s what she could get locally but she’s ordered some 2 1/2 reeds. Many thanks, count me as a totally satisfied customer.

Richard Hopkinson - Australia

Great job on the mouthpiece! I love it and thank you for the reeds that you sent!

Pat Rucker - Alabama

  I just want to thank you for the great work you have done on the new METROPOLITAIN soprano piece I got from you.  It matches your description perfectly and I’m very happy about the sound it produces. Thanks again!

Peter Fuglsang - Copenhagen, Danish Radio Big Band

Just wanted to let you know that that buescher piece you made for me is now my MAIN soprano piece, which I did NOT expect to happen, given I was so happy with my previous piece. Actually, it’s made me enjoy playing the soprano so much more, especially my straight true tone. For a mouthpiece of such seemingly extreme design, it is so forgiving with reeds, intonation, etc… Thanks so much again,

Michael Foster - New York

Thank you for a truly wonderful soprano mouthpiece! The Open Sky 2 is rich, lush with fat-overtones and a steady evenness of back-pressure in the throat right throughout the soprano’s range, quite remarkable (intonation is exceptional). Had recently performed 2 outdoor gigs, no microphone, open air, this piece performed like nothing I have ever played. I can guide the sound to how my ears hear, warm, sensual, fiery or sweet. It’s that great, I just want to keep playing my soprano, love it. Thank you again,

Kenny Bradshaw - Sydney, Australia

I got the “missing link” today. I tried it :  “magnifique !” This mouthpiece is so easy to play that it starts playing before you even put it in your mouth ! The sound is rich, beautiful. Joe, thank you for the great job !

Marc Rozec - France

Love it love it love it wow what a difference thank you so much!

Brian Fosnocht - Pennsylvania

The S80 arrived and all I can say is WOW!! The transformation is simply amazing! Very responsive, much more flexible, palm keys and even G3 pops right out. The best part is you took a decent design and made it so it has an amazing singing tone.

Tom Schneider - California

Holy $#@$  Joe! This OPEN SKY SL has everything that I love about my missing link only more. It’s so agile especially altissimo but it articulates faster and gives me control further back in my mouth. It’s the most tonally flexible piece I’ve ever tried. My history with it is only about 30 minutes so far but it feels like it knows me. After so many years on the missing link you made me I’m surprised at how quickly I have made myself at home. But it’s amazing how the SL stays out of the way. Thanks so much for this masterpiece!!

Nathan Hanson - Minnesota

Thanks for the mouthpiece. I’ve had about 4 hours on it in the practice room and one short live gig. It’s a keeper and made just as I had asked for. It is easy playing and responsive from low Bb to palm keys. The tone is consistent across my horn and its especially consistent at the crossover point B, C C# to D. Always a challenge. I asked for warm and mellow and you delivered.

Greg Tesdall - Nebraska