The SIGNATURE Model: a perfect balance of depth, warmth and projection!


Rich, textured sound. Nothing plays like it!

$374 including ligature and cap

I am thrilled to announce the first Sopranoplanet SIGNATURE model soprano mouthpiece. It has been a long time in development.

This mouthpiece has a medium chamber, and it produces a beautiful, “golden” sound, quite warm and textured. There is NO baffle. The piece opens up immediately into a very special chamber designed to create character, warmth and impeccable intonation.

The SIGNATURE model takes design ideas from my Metropolitain ( deeper chamber) and my Missing Link (wider chamber) and the new balance works flawlessly to create a gorgeous soprano sound- not tight, not too focused, not bright but alive with partials, and a feel like playing the other saxes too. There is depth in the feel and it lets the player explore the sound in lots of ways.


The side walls are slightly undercut, an important part of the design. The facing is moderate, neither long nor short.

My own piece is .060 and it plays wonderfully with # 3 reeds. It has  “a voice” !

If you’re after a warm, alive and rich sound on soprano, a sound with depth and texture, you’ve found it. It’s the SIGNATURE model soprano mouthpiece, from SOPRANOPLANET .




Here is an email I just received from one of the first players to have the SIGNATURE model mouthpiece:

” I received the new mouthpiece today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It plays beautifully through the whole range of the horn and intonation is excellent. I had a rehearsal this morning and I used the Selmer E and experienced the things I didn’t like about it: thin tone in the mid-range, shrill in the upper register, limited tonal range. None of which is the case for your mouthpiece.  I love the sound, I played it 2 hours straight.  I feel like I am playing the soprano sax how it should be played and not limited by the mouthpiece. Thanks again for your talents and craftsmanship, I look forward to a long time playing this mouthpiece.”.

~John Carey, Wisconsin


And another !

Hey Joe! I absolutely love my Signature mouthpiece!!! It plays and sounds so great, I can’t stop playing it. I even forgot for. a moment I was playing soprano the other day at a gig thank you! “

` Keith Pray, New York