Jacob Swanson

New York
A month or so ago I sent you two completely unplayable mouthpieces – one appeared to be unfinished and the other modified to an unusable extent. I was surprised, honestly, when you said they could both be saved. I was so happy to know that, if nothing else, these two pieces could be made useful. I received them last night and was shocked to play them – they are exceptional in every respect. The tone is consistent throughout the range, the pitch is great, the altissimo is fantastic, and the articulation is easy. I would have been thrilled just to have them working – I thought, given where they started, that would have been miracle enough. Even having played your work for years I am speechless at the transformation of these pieces.Thank you, thank you, thank you … P.S. – Truly, I wasn’t looking for a new go-to mouthpiece … but, I now have one and two outstanding back-ups. The previously “strangely-opened piece” is a dream come true. The formerly “unfinished piece” is excellent in every way as well, very similar to its new twin, and the Red Buescher continues to be among my favorite possessions for both playability and general coolness. My upmost respect and gratitude – you are an absolute wizard.