Piotr Michalowski

The piece came yesterday as we were leaving town so I could not try it until this morning. I have been playing your Metropolitan for some time now, but this one blew me away from the moment I played the first notes! A masterpiece! It has presence! There is a focus to the sound, rich in overtones (all that overtone practice paid off …) that came out immediately. Usually, it takes me some time to really appreciate a mouthpiece, but this one allowed me to control it right away. It has certain specific characteristics but allows one to mold timbre and color; multiphonics came out right away.  On first try, without even warming up, altissimo was effortless—much easier I must admit than on my regular piece. I expected that it would take time to get used to it given the large opening, but to me on first try everything was effortless — just the right amount of resistance.I tried it on two different horns and I must admit that it really likes the larger bored Rampone. This is definitely my new mouthpiece—and all of this is just my first impression.  Can’t wait to put t through some serious practice. Thank you!