Yanni Hatziefstathiou

I just got my Missing Link soprano mouthpiece and although I’m still exploring its possibilities I must admit that this mouthpiece is by far the best mouthpiece I ever had! I always had a “missing” feeling in my sound and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was me? My instrument? My mouthpiece? The reeds I was using? In short not getting satisfaction for many years out of my instrument although many times I was told I have a beautiful sound…The Missing Link brought my sound into a new level. It plays effortless in the lower register and shines in the upper resister! The notes now appear to have a clear entity of its own from powerful playing to very sensitive with an ease. As I said I just got this mouthpiece and still exploring its possibilities. But I’m very satisfied with the results so far. I’m very thankful to Joe for first of all being a genuine and caring musician helping me with all his very useful advice. And secondly for producing this superior mouthpiece! I recommend any soprano player to check his mouthpieces. You won’t regret it!! Continuum: that’s my second day using the Missing Link. You won’t believe me but I feel having a new instrument in my hands! And the clarity and speed of my playing has 2X! But most importantly I love playing now my soprano instead of forcing myself to play/practice. It’s an awesome feeling.