Felix Otto

The mouthpiece is great, the overblowing tendencies are much much less, the tone sounds rich, it is shocking how pianissimo the horn can be played without strangling the timbre! And now it is again me being the limiting factor, not the equipment. That feels quite right :)So thank you very much! The tone is really nice and smooth over the registers, especially with the Marca reed of yours in 3.5. The overblowing issues have diminished remarkably, although I will have a new cork put on the neck, the connection seems a bit loose. I can play it down to the bottom and, with some warm up, up to F´´´ (before it stopped at D´´´). I feel that I merely have just begun to explore the tonal possibilities with your mouthpiece (soft, thin, wide, bright, jazzy, classical, super pianissimo to very very forte, all possible!), whereas with the former one it was like playing it one way or hitting a wall.