New Pro-level soprano sax at intermediate price !

I’ve never endorsed or recommended any modern soprano saxophone- until now. The first time I played this titanium alloy, one piece soprano sax, I knew it was a pro-level horn. Then I learned it is a pro-level horn at intermediate price. If you are considering your first soprano or a new horn upgrade, be sure to check this GT titanium alloy, brushed or matte finish soprano from Old Dog New Saxophones. Let me tell you about mine, which arrived just one day ago.

When I was asked to try the horn, about 6 weeks ago, I was glad to do it but I expected that it would be yet another good but not special Taiwanese soprano. I’ve played 40 or 50 of them before, and they all had been “just ok”. But when I picked up this GT titanium alloy horn, I noticed right away that it was lighter than almost every modern soprano I knew. It felt great in the hands and the keywork was right where it needed to be. It felt “slick”, in fact. The only other soprano I’d ever thought that about was the very fine Yamaha 82, the top of the Yamaha line.

When I played 5 notes on the GT titanium, I was stunned by the resonance and the depth of sound. Unlike the 82Z, this horn had a bigger voice, closer to the top of the line Keilwerth and Borgani sopranos I’d played and liked. But the voice was not solely “bigger”; it was rich and elegant at the same time, and it spoke effortlessly from bottom through the altissimo. The voice was uniform and beautiful.  I was hooked.

This horn has a vintage sound, much like my vintage King and my old Conn soprano. But the keywork, which is just wonderful, makes this a thoroughly modern horn in all respects. There is a lot of information at the Old Dog New Saxophones website. Take a look. When I learned the price for this horn, I ordered one immediately.

Mine arrived yesterday, in excellent set-up, in a nice modern case. I’ve been playing it all day, trying different mouthpieces on it, and I am looking forward to taking it on its maiden voyage later this week.

And, the horn looks fabulous too. The brushed silver with deep honey-gold keywork is pretty nice.

I think this is one of the best horns on the market, and the price makes it a lot more than that, in my opinion.