Your Mouthpiece: Free Evaluation

Free evaluation of your mouthpiece.

This is as simple as it gets.

Before you buy yet “another”  saxophone mouthpiece, send me yours.

I will inspect and measure up your mouthpiece , and report to you what I find regarding table, facing, tip opening and anything else of significance that I see. I’ll tell you what I think about what I find, and the issues that arise from anything I find that is not correct.

I will check:

  • Actual tip size
  • Actual facing curve and length
  • Inspect table for flatness
  • Inspect baffle, chamber and rails for uniformity
  • Make recommendations based on what I find

I will do nothing to change your mouthpiece whatsoever. It will come back to you exactly as received.

There is no charge for this service. You will pay only postage/insurance each way. Return postage/full insurance in the US is $15. Outside the US is $27.

I will do this promptly, within a few days of being received. There will be no significant delay in having your mouthpiece returned to you.

You may have a good mouthpiece that has issues that affect its performance but that can be fixed. But first, you need to know what those issues are. Many are common and few mass produced mouthpieces are free of serious defects.

To make arrangements to send your mouthpiece, contact me at