Yanni Hatziefstathiou

Dublin, Ireland
I got the mouthpiece today. And just finish playing it for about 30 minutes. Wow! What I can say? This is a beast!!! I can do things now I couldn’t do before on the soprano! Before I couldn’t figure out the actual reasons. I thought, okay probably there is something wrong with my instrument, or I need to buy a new and different brand, maybe because I’m old guy now, the decay of teeth, etc, etc. But this new mouthpiece, the S445 has brought the sense of play and enjoyment back to me. The funny thing is that all the years I have been playing the soprano saxophone, people will always commend about how great sound I had but inside myself I wasn’t quite satisfied. Now I can reach the top of the register with ease. I can play soft, I can play with power, I cam play super fast, I can make the sounds I want to on the soprano. Like extenders techniques but most importantly to have a genuine SOPRANO SOUND! And I love my sound now. This is a fantastic mouthpiece. The best I have played by far. So thank you so much for this great work of art and for your incredible services to the soprano sax fellowship worldwide!! Love from Dublin.