Missing Link in Action

French saxophonist Jean Yves Auchere plays his large tipped Missing Link on his Rampone & Cazzani saxello with a deep, rich, dark sound full of texture and warmth.

Each Missing Link I make is made specifically for the individual player, the conception he or she has, and is made to create the most compatible acoustical environment with the specific horn being played. The R&C saxello has a unique bore and the slight bend in the neck adds a particular acoustical dimension as well. We were successful in making a mouthpiece that worked smoothly and elegantly with that elegant horn.

Interestingly, some time later I received this message from Jean Yves, and his experience confirms precisely what I have been saying about the impact of a bent neck on soprano:

” A few weeks ago, my horn fell down (Ooooh !!), and the neck was damaged. So I ask my favourite repairer to diminish a few the neck curve(nearly like a yamaha, perhaps a bit more, but less than original curve not really comfortable for me) and it is a miracle:it plays really better: less resistance, a very large and beautiful sound, easier in high register…It is not the same instrument,  I can really feel the big bore. This horn has found his real soul.The best soprano I ever played! It looks like a beautiful Yamaha 62R I tried, but with a larger sound in low register and more projection. And of course, your Missing Link reveals the terrific sound of this horn! If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate anymore, a few degrees less on the neck and it is another world!!Best regards, and thanks again.”