Beginner or Pro : It’s All The same

When it comes to playing soprano saxophone, we are all equal.

How can that be?

I’ve had the same response from beginning players and from seasoned pro players:

  • This balanced mouthpiece is a revelation
  • It makes playing soprano a joy
  • Everyone heard the difference immediately
  • Now I love the sound I am getting
  • I can’t put the horn down and I blame you

There are a million reasons why this is so but, most importantly, it just is!


You can think what you like, but once you play on a balanced soprano mouthpiece, you will KNOW ! And I guarantee it, 100% so that there is absolutely NO RISK to you. I know what an amazing difference a great soprano piece makes and I want you to know it, too.


Here’s what a few beginning soprano players said about their Sopranoplanet mouthpieces:

I’m certain that many of your clients are professionals or highly accomplished musicians who have the skills and experience to identify the best possible mouthpiece for their needs. As a beginner on the soprano saxophone, I was at first hesitant to contact you about a mouthpiece, thinking that it would be best to wait until my understanding of the instrument was more developed. I would like to tell  other beginners, not to wait! The SS that you rebalanced for me is a revelation; it extends the possibilities of tone where my previous mouthpiece merely produced sound. The SS now plays effortlessly from top to bottom with a rich core and a comfortable, easy-blowing attitude. Thank you for advancing my enjoyment of the soprano saxophone and for giving me a mouthpiece that will help me to grow as a musician for years to come.”  


“I recently tried a few other mouthpieces. Of course, your Open Sky 2 beats them badly. The point is … now I understand why I like it so much apart from the sound it produces. When I started on Sop, I bought this one from you right away so I never really understood some difficulties associate with sop playing. Now I think I do (a bit more ha,ha). While very flexible and easy to play on, I now realise how hard it is to mess up intonation on this mouthpiece. The other mouthpieces just give me the feeling of “uncertainty” and sounds / intonation are just all over the place. Same embouchure, same horns. Your open sky 2 just sings and I never really have to care much about intonation. That’s all I just wanted to share. Amazing work. Thank you!”

And here’s what a VERY famous pro said about his rebalanced mouthpiece:

“I always thought that soprano mouthpieces were pretty much one and the same from piece to piece. I now know differently. Joe has made me a piece that makes it so easy to get to what I want to do with the horn. By far the best soprano piece that I’ve owned. Thank you Joe for your beautiful work.”