If you’ve been playing soprano sax for a bit, you already know that it is different than the other saxophones. If you’ve acquired a good, well balanced soprano mouthpiece, you also know how that immediately improved your playing. It really is that clear.

If you’re new to soprano playing, you’ll soon realize that “something isn’t right”. That “something” is almost always your mouthpiece. At least it’s true about 99.8 % of the time.

The fact is that the soprano is a finely-tuned instrument that requires a finely tuned mouthpiece to make it sing. That is true of a top-line, top dollar pro horn and it is even more true of the lower cost soprano saxophones that are so readily available.

Sopranoplanet exists to make certain that you have exactly what you need to be successful playing soprano saxophone, and to enjoy playing it right away. To those who think this is that much ballyhooed “chops in a box” malarkey, think again. A more appropriate analogy would be riding a bike that has square wheels rather than putting round ones on the bike. That would be the correct comparison. Think about it. Put a guaranteed, well-balanced and play-tested mouthpiece on your horn and you will know it immediately. Read what hundreds of players world-wide have said. They know, and so will you.

Very few people have spent more than 40 years dedicated to playing the soprano sax. I’m one of them. There are even fewer who have owned and/or played hundreds of brands and models of soprano saxophones AND played hundreds of brands and models of soprano mouthpieces. But I have and I learned a lot doing it. That experience is what is behind Sopranoplanet.

I make soprano mouthpieces of my own designs. I rebalance and work on all other brands and models.

I only work directly with musicians. I have never sold a mouthpiece to a dealer or shop. Why?

Because when I am working on a mouthpiece, I have to know who it is for and what it needs to do for THAT player on THAT horn. When I play-test the mouthpiece, I am “channeling” the player for whom I am working, whether that is a student in South Africa or the head of woodwinds at Berklee School of Music. Nobody has ever purchased a new Sopranoplanet mouthpiece except directly from me. And I guarantee satisfaction. It’s that simple.

When you are in search of advice or answers regarding the soprano saxophone, try asking someone who has the knowledge and experience to understand. Don’t ask the butcher about fish, or the mechanic about your teeth. And don’t expect somebody with no in-depth experience on the soprano saxophone to know what it is really like. They can’t know.

So, that’s why you should BEGIN your mouthpiece search here. Save yourself a lot of frustration, time and, probably, money too. I guarantee it, 100%. Your email to me after receiving your new or rebalanced mouthpiece will be added to the hundreds there now. It happens literally every day.

Get started now.