Steve Ticknor

I just got my mouthpiece today . Well LET ME TELL YOU!!!! Holy mother of all things created… I am simply left without words. I did not know that I could enjoy playing soprano sax like this. Never, and I mean never, have I been able to get such full response down low while playing amazingly soft. Never have I had such an even sounding scale through the entire range of my instrument. Never have I felt like I wasn’t fighting the instrument. Rather now, I am enjoying it. I don’t understand what you have done here, but this piece is wonderful. The sound meets all my expectations of warmth and orchestral approach, while also giving me the capability to alter my embouchure and get a completely different style of sound. Joe, I will pass this mouthpiece around to my colleagues to try. I have no doubt you will get more business from me and my fellow sax players. I would say more, but I want to get back to playing (playing, not working on this instrument). Thank you so very very much.