Welcome to Sopranoplanet, home of the world’s finest mouthpieces for soprano saxophone.


Take some time on this planet. You’ll find lots of important and interesting information about playing and enjoying the soprano saxophone.


Here you will find new mouthpieces designed and made by me. Each is created to meet the needs of the performer, whether seasoned professional or complete beginner.

You’ll also find some amazing and truly fabulous vintage mouthpieces. Some are rare, some are not, but all are great players now, because I have rebalanced them to perfection. In the notes, you will find my best description of how they play and sound. Each is truly unique.

You’ll also find important insights into common problems and issues associated with playing the soprano saxophone.

All of these things are here because I think playing soprano saxophone should be enjoyable and because I KNOW that many of the typical problems encountered by players are easily corrected.