Samuli Melart

I can already tell that this is the best mouthpiece that I’ve had and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. It has a very immediate response with excellent dynamics. I can go with great ease from pianissimo to forte levels. It also helps me to get my ideal sound out of the horn (more focused sound), which is great. Open Sky 2 is really like advertised on your website. Very free blowing and flexible piece indeed. The harmonic overtones also pop-out much more easily with the piece. Now I can suddenly reach the 3rd overtone with much less struggle than before. Overall, the high end (From high D to G for me) is much more stable and easier to control. Interestingly, I don’t have to push this mouthpiece almost all the way to the end of the cork like with my other mouthpieces. The best tuning I’ve found around 1/4“ out or so, which is something new. Don’t know if it’s related, but I can also now bend notes up, which wasn’t that easy before. Thank you for taking the time to prepare the piece! Your unique approach to personalize each piece for players and their instruments really seems to pay off.