C. Brian Killian

Go the MP on Saturday, thanks for the quick delivery. Got all excited and tried with a used RICO jazz 3S,had to struggle a little, tried another 3S and that was still a struggle. Then I found a box of 2Ms and that changed everything! Now I could really hear the sound of the horn. Much better resonance. Still I had hoped for a better response. So I pushed the ML in on the neck a lot farther note: Selmer Serie III ). WOW that was it! Now I could feel the power. At this point I was still using your stock ligature. I remember you saying that the FL wouldn’t fit, and you are correct, but I have the newer version also and that fits perfectly. That just made it SING. As advertised, the ML plays with a nice warm tone from top to bottom. At first I had to adjust to not blowing so hard because I’m used to using more breath to get around the registers. Its nice to be able to practice without getting wicked back spasms. You did a really nice job. Thanks allot.