Will Cicola

Just got the mouthpiece and took some time out of the lunch hour to blow a few notes, and all I can say is…WOW! Using just a random blue-box 3 that I grabbed (and that had been broken in on the S90), this thing is UNREAL! The tone is rich, fat, and flexible, articulation is dead easy, the upper register sings instead of shrieks, and intonation is spot-on. One of my housemates (who didn’t know I was trying a new mouthpiece) heard the first couple of seconds and yelled from the other room “What are you doing differently?? That sounds great!” Can’t wait to play around with it for real and make some music, but my first impression is that, if anything, the testimonials on your site UNDERsell how good this thing is! I can’t thank you enough!!!