Rocky Tanaka

Thank you so much for making and sending the 868 Special for me.  It has arrived here safe and sound and I do enjoy playing my soprano sax now!!!  Your mouthpiece is great.  Because in order to experiment many things, the mouth piece become absolutely no obstacles, it had allowed me to play just comfortably. As I’ve played for awhile, it’s becoming a part of myself already and getting better & better everyday to be able to control it more nicely and as desired.  I understand now what people mean about your mouthpiece by free blowing and being able to play from the bottom up to the top register “effortlessly”, and I also feel the similar vibes I could feel with my Selmer Modele 26 “Alto”, as I wanted. But to tell you the truth about how I feel inside of myself, every time I play it, I do feel like “I WANT TO PLAY WHOLE DAY!”, Really! which I’ve never felt this much with my Alto or Tenor.  I normally get exhausted playing long time.  It definitely shows that your mouthpiece is making me feel that way, Joe.  I am feeling it on my guts and this very good feeling is the indication of the superiority of your mouthpiece.   I’ve tried a couple of Hemke reeds and Hemke is the one for me!  The best combination.  It responds very quickly and I love the tone especially the lower register.  Yep, it is Dark.  Absolutely