Michael Foster

Got the piece, it’s totally perfect for me, thank you so much again. Spot on intonation for my squiggly True Tone and as much projection as I could want. Very excited about this, thanks so much again.This piece is really phenomenal. I never thought there’d be another mouthpiece outside of my vintage slant that’d speak to me so immediately, but your missing link piece is really giving it a run for its money. Unlike the slant, your piece has a real evenness throughout the registers that makes me want to only play soprano. The projection is just as strong as my slant but the evenness makes it so every register has equal presence, totally freeing up my choices as an improviser. It also works perfectly with my Harry Hartmann reeds giving me a really even sound and response. If ANYONE is looking for a soprano piece that takes your playing to another level I’d only send them your way.