I was worried whether Selmer Soprano Series 3 would be able to reach A=442Hz, but it turned out to be fine! There was a margin of 5mm to the end of the cork. This mouthpiece is pretty great. The mid-low range resonates deeply and richly, like cor anglais, and the high range resonates transparently. Exactly the sound I was looking for! Thank you Joe. I tried various reeds, but the included MARCA SUPERIAL 2.5 suited me best. I wanted it to be darker, so I chose MARCA American Vintage 3.0. Above all, this mouthpiece is very efficient, and when I first played it, I was very surprised at how thick, soft, and loud the sound came out. I thought Neck had more potential on the straight than on the curve. It is a mouthpiece with a very strong energy and beauty, and I don’t think there is anything else like it. (I have over 100 soprano mouthpieces for tonal research.)