Diego Manischevich

After 3 days with the Open Sky piece I can say I am extremely happy with it. It really opened up the sound on all registers. It really takes all the air I can give it. Like you said, I’m really blowing into it now rather than slipping the air in. Really huge, rich sound, and very responsive. I didn’t really think my Selmer gave me trouble in the low register (wasn’t in my original set of concerns), but this gives me a lot more sound there too, not to mention the highs, which were my original critical concern. And finally, I can play on it much longer without having my lower lip go numb. And it has been getting better as I get more used to it, so I’m sure I can still get more out of it in the coming weeks no doubt. Many thanks, I will be sure to recommend, and will probably send you my Selmer to rebalance.