Darren Stamate

United Kingdom
Just to let you know I’ve received my mouthpiece and it’s wonderful so thank you very much! Still getting used to it and I’ve been away recently (it arrived week before last) so I haven’t had a lot of time but looking fwd to getting to know it, and to be honest you kind of just know it’s going to deliver from the first few notes as it’s so easy and consistent throughout the entire range! Thanks also for including the Marca reed, must admit I’m not sure I’d have tried these because it’s pretty endless with manufacturers and becomes expensive trying lots of different cuts and strengths etc but the 3 played really well so I ordered a few around that 2.5, 3.5, the jazz filed, unfiled and American Vintage, all played really well but the superiors seemed best for me and I’m currently enjoying the 2.5 which I thought would be too soft but the high notes sing so well. Quite bizarre not having to compensate throughout the registers and being super relaxed! You have a true gift making these mouthpieces and one which I guess has undoubtedly developed  through your hard work over the years so congrats on making such a beautiful piece! With much appreciation and best wishes.