Dan Gold

As advertised on your web site (and I only bring this up because often ads and reality are different) the Via Coro has great projection and is very responsive. I get big and small sounds, soft and loud as desired. But what is really unbelievable is that it IS a pleasure to play! The Via Coro has an incredibly professional feel at the same time that it yields to any range you want to play. Of course, I have a little trouble with the high F but that’s my problem not the mouthpiece.It’s  easy to use with the double lip as you said . That’s amazing.The tone too is be beautiful, pure, the whole range, and I feel the cornet sound that I’m trying to make — and, this is just with one practice.Another thing that’s phenomenal about the mouthpiece is playing overtones. I have, as part of my practice, been using Chapter 4 of David Liebman’s book “Developing A Personal Saxophone Sound.” Chapter 4 has several overtone exercises. One of the exercises is matching tones by fingering, for example, low B-flat and playing middle B-flat, then fingering middle B-flat, playing middle B-flat. The goal is to  have both sound the same. This is easy to do for the middle register and hard (for a beginner) from low B-flat through low C-sharp (as in the example above). But not on the Via Coro. The Tuner and my ears tell me that they are the same. And, this to me is really AMAZING ! Bravo on the Coro ! It’s really superb mouthpiece and I’m really excited about it!