Dagmar Petrick

Joe, dear brother of the brother- and sisterhood of the straight horn. How do I find the words to say thank you to you for the great work you have done and the change in my life this virtually does mean (though it may sound kind of pathetic, but it is true all the same)? On Saturday your mouthpiece finally completed its long journey, the box being completely soaked (it had been raining for days) as if it had been laying in the ocean – like a baptism. Stupid me – I was never good at physics! – I put it to my horn in the same manner as I had done before and was thoroughly shocked because the intonation went completely wild.
But now I’ve LEARNED and had the most awesome play today! It’s really like if you have always been riding one of those old worn-out horses all the beginners get and then suddenly you are allowed to go on a real stallion (or on an unspoiled horse, that’s to say). Or, if your more familiar with cars, like driving an old GDR-Trabant and then getting a Maserati: What a big difference and how absolutely hilarious! Joe, you really do have blessed hands – it does make all the difference! There is poetry now in my place whenever I touch my horn – and still a long way to go: Never getting boring, but an excellent starting point for my musical journey! All the best to you – keep up the good work! THANK YOU!!!