Andrew Strzyzewski

Once I figured out my setup, MAN did things fall into place. I have to tell you Joe, I LOVE this mouthpiece. It feels very different to me, yet it does not get in the way of my playing. On alto saxophone, I hear this warm, clear, and vibrant tone coming from the horn. Having played it the longest, I tend to hear music through an “alto voice” and generally try to achieve similar sonic qualities across all horns that I play. My Missing Link, however, gives me something tastefully different than expected. Paired with my 875 EX, I get this warm and thick sound filling the horn that I’m continually excited to explore.  The response is immediate and organic, which has been wonderful to experience. It’s also an incredibly flexible mouthpiece for me. I’ve used my Missing Link to play in a saxophone quartet, jazz combos, church band, Symphonic Wind Band, Big Band, and even in a modern duet with alto saxophone and fixed media! The piece has acquitted itself incredibly well in all situations for my needs. I just don’t feel the need to use any other mouthpiece, no matter what the situation.  However, quite possibly the best aspect about my Missing Link is that I am NEVER thinking about it when I play. It just feels like a natural extension of my body through to the horn. It gets out of the way, and simply lets me play!  As I’ve said before, I can’t thank you enough for putting your time and energy into making a mouthpiece that is both well-crafted and suits my preferences as a player. I can tell you for a fact that I will be working and growing with my Missing Link for a long time!