Alex Clark

United Kingdom
Joe – the vintage Woodwind.Co piece arrived yesterday – GREAT piece – with a ZZ reed I am getting consistent tone and dynamics all the way up & down, with great expression – with a Blue Box a softer tone but still consistent tonally with slightly higher resistance but an easier top end – it is also very lig-friendly – with an Eddie Daniels it is warm and wide, with a Rovner Custom it is round and open/hollow – combine that with the reed choice and already within 48 hours I have a choice of palette on just this one piece – also many thanks for your excellent pre-sales advice and customer service – I very much appreciate that fact that you in your first reply you simply answered my question and did not try to sell me anything, but let me mull it over and make my own decision. Finally thanks for being available on the phone, and for your swift postage and follow-up emails.