Stu Melis

Your mouth piece came in the mail about an hour ago and everybody is right, you are the real thing when it comes to soprano mouthpieces. The intonation is way happening, it has such great response etcetera etcetera. I have a cannonball big Bell soprano with two necks, the straight neck, and of course the curved neck. Up until now, the curved neck has sat practically unused in my case. With every other mouthpiece that I’ve owned, and ive owned some relatively nice soprano mouthpieces, I couldn’t get anything that I really like out of the curved neck. I was so pleased with the way the missing link was playing on my Straight neck  that I decided to try it on the curved neck for the hell of it. Not only does the horn play pretty damn good with the curved neck for the very first time in the entire time that I’ve owned the horn, that I’m not so sure that I may not end up playing on the curved neck more than the straight neck. I need to spend a lot more time on the horn to really get used to what your mouth piece is capable of color wise, and what I need to do in order to get that from it but just the very fact that you’ve taken something that was practically unplayable, and made me enjoy it, and more importantly make it sounds so good, is testament that you are truly knowledgeable and have the skill and the understanding of what it takes to make a great soprano mouthpiece. Thank you so very much!