Scott Kettering

I have found the mouthpiece you crafted to be excellent. I have been playing on the soprano almost exclusively since I got your mouthpiece, the Open Sky 2. It’s that good. First, It is very reed-friendly. Nearly every reed I put on it plays, unlike the other stock mouthpieces I’ve had which were very temperamental with reeds. I’m not afraid to pull any reed out of the case and have it play. Second, it plays very easily. My embouchure is not tired after a practice session. I am able to focus on the notes rather than spend part of my mental capital fussing with how to set my mouth to make the notes sound. Third, every note plays equally well, from low Bb to high F#. I’m not having to do a physical contortion to get a note to play. I can literally set it and forget it (my mouth and the mouthpiece). And finally, the intonation is excellent. I practice my improvisation with a backing track. I’m playing in tune with minor pitch-matching tweaks on notes I expect. (It is a saxophone, after all.) All said, Joe, you have done a super job for my confidence as a novice soprano sax player. Many thanks!