Sal Bennett

Sioux Falls
I just returned from my first sax lesson since receiving the Missing Link. I have had the mouthpiece for one day prior to the lesson. My teacher, who is a real tone freak, kept alternating between two comments:1. Wow, what a great tone you are getting.2. I can’t believe how in tune that horn is playing. He made both of these comments at least 4 times during the lesson. He also said that there was no traditional “nasal” sound in the horn. Also, I began breaking in the #3 Marca reeds, playing each for 3 – 5 minutes and seeing which ones are acceptable. Normally I get 4 out of 10 and then a couple more that I can work. So far I have tried 8 Marca reeds and found them all acceptable. This has to be the mouthpiece. Or at least a combo of the reeds and the mouthpiece. I am very impressed. So, thanks again.