Petri Kivimaki

I have played the Metropolitain two days now.  I actually went to your website and read the description of Metropolitain again because how you describe this mouthpiece is the most accurate description I have read. It´s spot on! I have to be honest, I hesitated to buy the Metropolitain because of the price but I am so happy that I made the purchase. I have the Missing Link, Open Sky2 even the rare DIS and now Metropolitain and I can only say the same thing that I have said before, you are really the very best with soprano sax mouthpieces! Thank you! Metropolitain worked right from the box. I played it with Lupifaro 3 reed. I tested the Marcas you sent and they worked even better! No questions asked, I was home! Very comfortable to play, fits perfectly in my mouth. A pleasure to play.  Dark, deep and lush, elegant. Like the finest wine   I was so surprised that I don’t have to push in the air at all. The same amount of air at the whole register, extremely easy to play. It felt very weird at the beginning that I really don´t have to “work” so much.  It amazes me that there isn’t more “buzz” about this model in soprano forums because, for me, this is really incredible mouthpiece. I know what I want and I feel straight if something works or not and the common thing for all the mouthpiece I have purchased from you is that ALL THE MODELS have worked for me instantly! Well done, Joe, and humble thanks for making this piece for me! One question, is it really .054 tip? Link 5*? So small? It says so on the box. Joe, take good care and thank you for this piece! It will be hard to choose my main piece for soprano but one thing is sure, my main piece comes from Sopranoplanet!