Kraig Sackman

We are settling in very happily with our new mouthpieces.  There is a smile on my son’s face when he says, it makes such a lovely sound.  His intonation has improved greatly over the past week.  We have trialled a few types of reeds and strengths. I found I love the warmth of a V12 size 3 1/2.  Beautiful tone throughout the horn. He found he likes V12 size 3.  It responds quickly and evenly throughout the horn.  A huge smile came out about when he was able to easily play the bottom notes of C, B, and Bb. We might even start working on harmonics on the soprano, so that we can extend his range above High E and High F.  His arpeggios started to sound even in tone quality and intonation. Thank you so much, he is asking to take out his horn when I get home rather than me asking him to play.