Jonathan Dweck

The mouthpiece is wonderful! I can see and experience the harmony that the piece exudes from your craftsmanship. It’s an important piece of jewelry for my horn I had a chance to play on it for about an hour last night against a pitch meter as well. Every note is right in the center. I’ve never seen that before. It is very free blowing from top to bottom. The mouthpiece is alive with vibrations and harmonics which extend into the horn. The piece is responsive and articulate. The tip opening is perfect for my chops and the piece Balances perfectly with all your elements and my super action 80. It is everything a Dukoff should be. This Dukoff is a piece that I will be able to grow into and enjoy. Thank you for working with me and putting all of your skill and patience in time into a wonderful work for me. Sentimentally speaking from a true soprano sax player, you are now part of my heartfelt expression through my horn. Thank you Joe.