Erik Clarke

New York
Thank you so very much Sir! You have positively influenced my actual real life to a degree that you cannot possibly imagine. I am so happy that I spent the time to research the possibilities of getting a custom Soprano Saxophone mouthpiece, created by an experienced, successful, professional artisan, made just for me. I am even happier that I let go of the anal-retentive control that I normally execute over musical purchasing decisions, allowed you to communicate with me, discover what I am using to perform, what shortcomings I needed to correct, and what my performance goals were!  That wonderful dialogue allowed for a magical journey of creation for you, which translated to a spiritual journey of actualized musical performance goals for me. Let me not lie and say it took zero effort on my part, once I received the mouthpiece. Not so! However, once I played it, I sensed that it was like a fine slab of Kobe beef, that needed to be masterfully prepared in order to present a world-class meal. I have been VERY busy, intensely preparing, and must state that your piece (The Missing Link) has SLAYED all competitors en route to becoming my champion Soprano Sax mouthpiece that I just CANNOT cease playing, or thinking about playing at times when I cannot play. Joe, you have initiated a reclassification of my main instrument from Tenor Saxophone to Soprano Saxophone; no simple feat, and not for the faint of heart, or the under-equipped (or those with ordinary mouthpieces).  Joe, thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!