Special Mouthpiece Rebalance Offer During COVID-19 Pandemic

We are all living in a new world these days, with normal activities curtailed indefinitely.
No performances, no rehearsals, no or limited formal studies, limited musical interactions. It is likely that few of us have ever experienced anything like it before.
This could be the time to consider getting your mouthpiece checked and possibly rebalanced.

Before you think about yet ANOTHER new mouthpiece, be certain that your current piece is playing the way it was meant to play.

Read about rebalancing here.
As usual, I will examine any of your mouthpieces free of charge, and report to you all pertinent information: actual tip opening, status of the table and facing, and anything about the chamber that I might uncover in my review. That might be the baffle or some significant anomaly in the chamber shape.Then I’ll tell you what I think it means to you, and what I would recommend, if anything, in terms of corrective measures.
Then, you can decided what you may wish to do.
The only cost is the cost of the postage and insurance, which is $15 in the US or $27 outside the US.
If you decide to have the mouthpiece rebalanced, there is a new worldwide flat cost of $95 for hard rubber and $115 for metal mouthpieces.
I will offer this discounted service for the duration of this COVID-19 situation, while musicians are under such severe restrictions. Email me at info@sopranoplanet.com if you have any questions.
I anticipate turnaround time of 6 days.
Read what players are saying about their mouthpieces.
Be well, stay healthy and keep the spirit.