Wm. S. Haynes solid sterling silver plateau flute, 1952 : superb!


This flute was made on April 10, 1952, in the “Golden Era” of Haynes flute making. According to Haynes themselves, the insurance replacement value on this flute is more than three times the price.

Beautifully made and cared for, this flute has the offset G, solid silver body and head joint and a tone to die for.

The flutes from this era are the “go to” flutes for most players that play flute as a double to their other sax or clarinet. The ease of tone production, the true scale, the quick, fluid key work all make this flute the standard now for a very long time.

This one has very good pads, and has recently been in for cleaning and adjustment.

This flute has served me well for 30+ years. It can do the same for you.

Original Haynes case in solid condition, some road wear outside but no damage at all.