Vintage large chamber soprano mouthpiece (unmarked) .050 SOLD

Here’s a find!

I see a lot of unmarked, nameless vintage large chamber soprano mouthpieces and many of them are anonymous in sound, too. So few of them get the chamber size right. Most often, the chambers are way too big and that results in a diffuse sound and, quite often, awful intonation.

But, then there are the gems, the ones that offer something unique and desirable, with chambers that are special and a sound that is also special. This is one of those.

Best comparison in terms of design is the Otto Link Slant Signature soprano mouthpiece, which has a chamber that is significantly smaller than most other vintage large chamber soprano mouthpieces. This piece has a design that looks just like a slant Link internally.

It’s the sound, though, that sets this one apart. I was floored to hear an almost English Horn woodiness immediately in the sound. I don’t think I’ve ever had a piece with such a sound. On my  horns, the sound is glorious, full of warmth and texture, even more so on my vintage King, Holton and Borgani horns. Full, round, rich with partials.

Intonation is solid. This is a wonderful voice.