Selmer Super Action 80 Serie iii Soprano Saxophone


Nobody knows more about saxophones than Selmer, and their SA80 Serie iii soprano is really the pinnacle in French saxophone production. It is the most widely played soprano saxophone in the world for good reasons. Here are a few of those reasons: impeccable scale, elegant and efficient ergonomics, balanced tone through the range of the horn, solid craftsmanship and a reputation for quality.

This horn has been my performance horn since I acquired it in 2006. It is in beautiful condition with 99.5% or more of the lacquer intact. Except for a mark on one of the necks, I cannot find any lacquer loss at all. It looks as it did the day I acquired it.

It has excellent pads, as can be seen in the photos. And I have recently ( December, 2021) had it adjusted by Bill Singer, one of the most highly regarded technicians in the business. After a small adjustment, he declared it in great shape. It needs nothing.


This is the same model and vintage as the horn Steve Lacy was playing at the end of his career. I know. I had both horns here at the same time for a year.

The case is original and shows a little travel wear outside. Clean and dry inside. Solid and secure.

Priced to go to a new home soon.