Rare BRILHART ARB soprano mouthpiece 5 * (.055 tip) SOLD

Not seen very often, this is an Arnold Brilhart ARB soprano mouthpiece is very nice condition. The tip is .055 and it is all original.

This exquisite mouthpiece dates from the late 1970s, when Arnold Ross Brilhart ( ARB) returned to creating his own mouthpiece designs. He had a required 10 year hiatus as a condition of the sale of his company.. The ARB soprano mouthpiece became a bit of a legend as well, as it was made for a short period of time.

Ligature marks and wear make the ARB engraving hard to see in the photos but it is clearly there, along with the “HARD RUBBER” designation on top. No question at all, this is a true Brilhart ARB soprano mouthpiece.

Elegant rollover baffle, also untouched, makes this a crisply articulating piece, as well as a piece of history.

This rare piece is the equal of the Selmer Soloist.

Some have called the ARB soprano piece the finest soprano mouthpiece ever made. I wouldn’t go that far, but I’d say that it is a fabulous mouthpiece that produces a clean, strong sound, remarkable articulation and excellent intonation.