Large Chamber Missing Link 2- a new world !

I’ve been developing a large chamber version of my enormously popular Missing Link mouthpiece. It has taken a year but the results were worth the effort!

Vintage “large chamber” pieces run the gamut from very good to unplayable, and you never know what you’re going to get. I know. I’ve owned more than a hundred of them over the years. The steep price tag for the vintage pieces makes them even more dangerous.

The new crop of modern large chamber soprano pieces have been disappointing for a few reasons. First, many of them have one “default” sound, which may or may not be the same from register to register. It makes the player have to work hard to have a good “voice” on the horn. Second, they are virtually all made with short facings. The short facing makes them respond quickly but takes the warmth out of the sound. I’ve had all the major brands here, sent by their owners to be :”put right”, so I know the ins and outs of those pieces. Third, quality control, or the lack of it, makes many of them a shot in the dark.

So, I set out to keep the warmth with a normal facing length, still have a large chamber that is wide and deep, with a low floor, thin rails, undercut sidewalls and solid intonation. The result is this Missing Link Large Chamber and it plays on modern and vintage horns, and curved sopranos too. The short shank makes it very compatible with vintage Conn, Buescher, Martin, King and other vintage sopranos.

Takes air easily but gives you something to play against, which has a big influence on intonation stability.

Made from quality ebonite, everyone made and finished by hand, and play tested extensively by me.

Dark  but not dry.