Early BERG LARSEN soprano mouthpiece ! SOLD

So, the early Berg Larsen soprano mouthpieces are known to be the finest they ever made. Subsequent models have almost no relation to the early ones. And this one is spectacular.


It is marked 55 2 SMS, with the SMS being offset on the shank ( see pics). But it is not a 55 tip and never was. This is an original tip that measures 68. Likely that is why it has not seen much playing time. It looks like it spent a lot of time in a case somewhere.

But is it an amazing player, with the famous original “bullet” chamber and the sound that is attached to these early pieces: powerful, quick, cutting but warm and full, from bottom to top. Modern Bergs often are tight and brittle up high, and also fussy down low. Not this one.


The great Jan Garbarek, in his earliest work with Keith Jarrett, played on one of these with a 65 tip, so this one is quite close to that one.

To show just how rare these are, I was only able to find one other available and the owner wanted over $1,100 for it.

Includes original Berg Larsen ligature.