Borgani curved soprano sax : Very Special horn


This is a vintage Borgani curved soprano. It is the very first curved soprano sax model ever produced by Borgani saxophones in the 1960s and it is very special.

It is in beautiful condition, recently repadded with premium Prestini pads and plays top to bottom. The lacquer has some wear but not much at all, considering it is about 60 years old.

Back in the 1960s, Borgani produced this model and also sold this same model to another Italian saxophone company. That company, Santoni, engraved the horns with their name and sold a few. One that they sold found its way to one of the most striking and original soprano saxophonists in the world.. That player was Jan Garbarek. Jan told me that his Santoni was the first soprano he ever owned. He went on to make his mark on music with that Santoni ( Borgani) curved soprano sax. In all my years as a soprano player, I have never seen another Santoni curved soprano. Jan told me that he also had never seen another.

So, I set out to find the Borgani horn that was the same model as that famous Santoni horn of Jan Garbarek. I studied everything available in terms of pictures of that Santoni and noted its design features. I knew that amazing sound like the back of my hand and I knew I would recognize it if I found it.  Then I acquired a number of vintage Borgani curved sopranos. None were a match, either in terms of design or sound. They were good but not what I was after. Then, this horn walked into my shop one day. The pads were old; it barely played, It had been in storage for over 30 years. but it played enough that I recognized the sound immediately. I’d found the horn I was looking for, at last.

Let me say this: the horn is unlike any subsequent Borgani curved sopranos in terms of sound and response. It is quicker and it has a voice that echoes the sound of Garbarek’s Santoni. There is no question about it.

Ready to play. Vintage leather gig bag in ok condition. Zippers work.

Ask any questions.