Keith Pray

Hey Joe! I absolutely love my signature mouthpiece!!! It plays and sounds so great, I can’t stop playing it. I even forgot for. a moment I was playing soprano the other day at a gig thank you!

Early BERG LARSEN soprano mouthpiece ! SOLD

So, the early Berg Larsen soprano mouthpieces are known to be the finest they ever made. Subsequent models have almost no relation to the early ones. And this one is spectacular.   It is marked 55 2 SMS, with the … Read More

John Carey

I received the new mouthpiece today. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It plays beautifully through the whole range of the horn and intonation is excellent. I had a rehearsal this morning and I used the Selmer E and experienced … Read More

Mikolaj Weinke

The mouthpiece has arrived. I’m surprised how fun it is to play. I was skeptical about the tip opening but you were right.  It is what I expected: Easy response. Dark, round sound. Good intonation, focused tone, good dynamic control, … Read More

Bruno Claret

Very good news from France ! Your soprano mouthpiece is arrived at home. First : it’s very comfortable to play. The sound is very near what I wanted. You’re a real sorcerer, man ! The sound is strong and precise … Read More

Michael Gerber

It is without doubt the most free blowing and subtle mouthpiece I have ever used on this sax. I put my bell mic on and listened through headphones to what was coming out and was really impressed. I can blow … Read More

New: Sopranoplanet You Tube Channel

We’re launching a special You Tube channel devoted to all things soprano, and that means detailed information about :   Reeds Horns Practice Mouthpieces Tone Tips Solutions for issues we all encounter Check out the introductory video.  

Layo Moridon

Thank you very much for this mouthpiece! It makes practicing that much more enjoyable. I like the reed as well.

Ulrich Drechsler

  Joe, it’s wonderful. Just played it for 30 minutes. It has exactly this airy timbre in the sound I was looking for and supports the sonic qualities of my R & C soprano a lot. A full body, with … Read More

Christian Siekmann

I spent the past days making up my mind and experimenting with various pieces of kit. My personal soprano-setup is now going to be a Yani SWO20 (what a charm!) with your Missing Link and my favourite Marca American Vintage … Read More

Shota Katsube

I received and tested the Missing Link today. It was over my thought. So great!! Responses are even and quick in all ranges. Well balanced tone. Nice feeling to manage intonation. I have never been able to play soprano like this. … Read More

Joshua Messer

I received the piece in a timely manner .  Immediately tried it out and good grief…it’s just what I want and need. I’m currently gigging on it while being unable to put it down during my practice sessions – playing … Read More

Zoot Sims-There’ll Be Some Changes Made

One of the real voices on soprano saxophone, Zoot Sims is perhaps the most swinging saxophonist ever. His soprano sound is rich and full of life. The stories about him playing endless sessions with not a sign of fatigue or … Read More


A fantastic, swinging, straight-ahead soprano solo from Steve Lacy at age 24. The great Gil Evans selected Steve to play lead on this award winning album from 1957. The solo is amazing for its rhythmic sophistication and pure beauty, and … Read More

Michael Harris

Joe thank you so much for this mouthpiece, made a world of difference for being able to access all the notes over the whole horn, smooth as silk which is also the warm voice like tone, makes playing the horn … Read More

Scott Kettering

I have found the mouthpiece you crafted to be excellent. I have been playing on the soprano almost exclusively since I got your mouthpiece, the Open Sky 2. It’s that good. First, It is very reed-friendly. Nearly every reed I put … Read More

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