Soprano Transcriptions : Learn from the Best!

Here you will find a growing collection of excellent transcriptions of soprano sax solos from the masters. Working on these, along with listening to the original recordings, will give you a lot of great things to work on: articulations, phrasing, … Read More

Steve Lacy solo on FOUR IN ONE

Steve Lacy’s soprano solo on Monk’s FOUR IN ONE. This is from REFLECTIONS, all Monk compositions, with Elvin Jones, Mal Waldron and Buell Neidlinger. Recorded in 1958, when Steve was 24 years old. Great swinging lines with great harmonic sophistication. … Read More

Large Chamber Missing Link 2- a new world !

I’ve been developing a large chamber version of my enormously popular Missing Link mouthpiece. It has taken a year but the results were worth the effort! Vintage “large chamber” pieces run the gamut from very good to unplayable, and you … Read More

Marty Heger

I received the mouthpiece on Thursday. I can’t believe how good it is. Low notes speak easily and the intonation is amazing. I’m looking forward to spending a lot of time with it. Thank you for a great experience and … Read More

Robert Belas

The mouthpiece arrived yesterday, and I spent the morning trying it out. I am very happy and impressed with the improvements you have made. It blows with much less resistance, has greater stability over its range, and is well-balanced. Great … Read More

Ranald Hutton

The mouthpiece arrived and it’s fantastic!  I’m at long last getting a true Bechet sound after trying many mouthpieces, everything you said is right and it’s especially good with the Marca 2 reed! I’m very impressed and can’t thank you … Read More

Andy Friis

Piece arrived this morning. Had a few minutes and just what I was after. It’s great when you play a piece and you know there’s so much depth and so much to find out about it Thanks

Emanuele Passerini

Hi Joe, I have to say your mouthpiece is wonderful. It has a warm and rounded tone, typical soprano voice but totally far from the “duck” nasal voice of many pieces. Definitely it’s wonderful! I can play it easily with … Read More

Greg Tesdall

Thanks for the mouthpiece. I’ve had about 4 hours on it in the practice room and one short live gig. It’s a keeper and made just as I had asked for. It is easy playing and responsive from low Bb … Read More

David Morrissey

I received the S440 and have been enjoying playing on it.  It’s a perfect complement to the Keilwerth and really makes the horn sing! Thanks so much!

Arve Karlsen

I received the mouthpiece today and have been playing it for an hour, and what an amazing piece! Rich in all registers, dark, beautiful sound, yet it still has lots of power. And I have never had a piece with … Read More

Felix Otto

The mouthpiece is great, the overblowing tendencies are much much less, the tone sounds rich, it is shocking how pianissimo the horn can be played without strangling the timbre! And now it is again me being the limiting factor, not … Read More

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