You’ll find a lot of information here, about everything from mouthpieces to horns to reeds to common problems in playing soprano sax. You’ll also find out some things about soprano players you may not know, recordings that you should know about and some different ideas about the myth that “the soprano saxophone is a beast”. Simply put, it isn’t. And, if you spend a little time here, you’ll find out how that myth got started and why it is just not so.

On this page, you’ll be able to find out about me, Joe Giardullo, the founder of Sopranoplanet. You’ll also be able learn about how we work and what that means to you. You’ll learn about our unique 100% Guarantee and also why there is no place on this website for you to directly place an order. On other pages, you’ll find unsolicited comments from players around the world who play on my mouthpieces now, vintage and sometimes rare mouthpieces for sale and lots of information about all things soprano. And, of course, my own soprano mouthpiece designs. The soprano saxophone has occupied almost all of my professional life and it is the thing I know best. Take some time to look around and feel free to contact me about any questions or issues you may have.  Thanks for stopping on Sopranoplanet.

Joe Giardullo

Complete 100% Guarantee !

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There are a few things that make Sopranoplanet unique but perhaps this is the most important: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee has been in effect since Sopranoplanet began, and it will always be so:   If, for ANY REASON AT ALL, a mouthpiece you receive from Sopranoplanet does not meet … Read More

Once You Know ……

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There is this unending myth that the soprano sax is a beast, but it isn’t. Play a well balanced mouthpiece on a soprano and you will know it very quickly. But most players have never played on a good soprano mouthpiece. Now, that doesn’t mean they don’t like the piece … Read More

The Important Questions

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Working long distance takes a little commitment from both of us, and I need to know as much as I can about you and your music.   Here are the questions that will help me to give you what you are seeking. Your answers are important.. Do your best. What … Read More

How I Work

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This is a kind of introduction to what Sopranoplanet is and how I work with players. It is the same for beginners and for seasoned pros,too. There are things I need to know from you, including what horn you play, what mouthpiece you play, what reeds you play, what you … Read More

About Joe Giardullo

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After 59 years of playing saxophone, I can say that 35 of those years have been devoted to the soprano.  I grew up playing R&B music, went to college by accident (changed my life), discovered the jazz of the 1960s and became inspired by the music of the “new thing” … Read More